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Why is Getting the Virtual Indian Number Crucial for your Business?

Virtual Indian numbers are backed by cloud technology and are not affixed to a particular telephone or mobile number. A virtual number is a phone number in the cloud. It is used to route the calls to the preferred agents to resolve the customers’ queries quickly.

irtual Indian Number Crucial for your Business

During the global pandemic, when employees are confined within their homes, Cloud-based technologies such as the Virtual Number have proved to be a boon. Organisations can manage Business from anywhere and at any time providing high customer satisfaction.

A business can easily buy a virtual number by contacting a cloud communication provider. The virtual number provider or the host is the crucial link between the Business and the customers. When a call is made on the virtual number, the provider will route the calls to the company call center, where the agent effortlessly receives the calls.

The calls are redirected to pre-set telephone numbers and ensure seamless connectivity between the callers and the businesses. The Virtual contact numbers are embedded with functionality that goes beyond making and receiving calls.

All the key features of the Virtual Indian number are advantageous. The several elements of the solution make it a complete communication solution. It goes beyond being a contact number and leverages cloud technology to help promote business growth.

Integration with the IVR: 

Companies can easily integrate the Virtual contact number with the IVR- it is the perfect solution that a company can provide to its existing and prospective numbers. A company can increase customer engagement with IVR and also retain more customers.

The virtual contact number and the IVR become the crux of a robust communication system that yields the best results in terms of more leads and a higher rate of customer engagement & retention. So a business should buy Virtual Numbers to reap the benefits accrued from this cloud-based technology along with the IVR.

24×7 Availability:

A company can ensure 24×7 availability with the Virtual number as it can forward/ route the calls to the agent’s mobile number and the landlines. They can effortlessly look into the calls even after working hours or non-working days, connect with the customers, and resolve their queries at the earliest. In this way, they can guarantee high customer satisfaction and build loyalty that is hard to get in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Handle peak load effortlessly:

With the solution, a business can simultaneously resolve queries of many callers. They can attend to an unlimited number of inbound and outbound calls concurrently. They can optimally utilise their resources – the human resource which leads to improved efficiency. In this way, a company can provide high customer satisfaction, but it can also save on operational costs by maximising agent efficiency.

Number Masking:

Data privacy is a huge concern these days, and more and more companies are investing in resources that can safeguard customers’ privacy. This feature masks/ hides the identity of both the callers and the receiver. Hence the personal data is not leaked. Moreover, it prevents any off-platform activity that might prove detrimental to a company’s success.

Track the calls: 

Losing a potential business opportunity negatively impacts the growth rate of a company. But with the Indian virtual number, a business can keep a close tab on the opportunities by tracking the inbound and the outbound calls. The Business can engage with a proactive approach and nurture the leads and convert them into customers.

Real-Time Data Insights: 

With the Virtual Number: It is possible to draw actionable insights into the call performance of the agents. The agents act as the company’s representatives; they are the ones who converse with the customers. So, the quality of the conversation should be high to make a positive impact on the callers.

Agents can provide a better CX with an upgraded skills-set that is in sync with the customers’ evolving demands. A business needs to keep a tab on their call performance to provide the requisite training to improve efficiency. With better productivity levels, they will be able to provide customers with an enhanced experience.

Call Recording: 

With the call recording feature, the Business can also gain valuable inputs about their agents’ conversation quality and understand the customers’ significant issues. It helps them make informed business decisions, promote business growth and drive more revenue.

How to buy a Virtual Number? 

If you are looking for a Virtual Indian number, a reliable telephony company should be the best choice. The best service will offer several features that will provide the extended capability of the solution. If you need to buy a virtual number, then trust a cloud telephony company that has already won the trust of many organisations.

Knowlarity is one such popular cloud communication provider that is a popular choice of many businesses in 65 countries, including India. The company offers the Indian Virtual number at the best prices. Feel free to visit to know more and buy the Virtual number at cost-efficient prices.

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