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Why E-Bikes are Great for Older People

As people age, they need to cope with some new challenges in everyday life, including staying fit, connecting with their children and grandchildren and retaining their mobility. With aging come various health problems which people face too which decrease their ability to stay active and get around easily.

E-Bikes are Great for Older People

Electric bikes can change all this!  

The electrical motor assisted bikes make it possible even for retirees and older people to enjoy riding a bike and to get around faster.  Plus, they do provide an opportunity for the senior citizens to lead a more active life.

Even though electric bikes have motors, they still require some pedalling, so riding an e-bike is still a great form of exercise. The motor will help older and people who are not in good shape reach further, and get the assistance of the motor throughout their ride, especially when riding uphill.

Health benefits

Being engaged in regular physical exercise helps improve the fitness level and decreases the risk of certain serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes type II and metabolic syndrome.

Riding an e-bike will also help older people strengthen the muscles, joints, and bones of their legs

Older people are often limited to the type of exercising they can engage in due to underlying health conditions which can make it impossible or dangerous to practice certain sports or other strenuous physical activities. Less exercise means less energy used, and fewer calories burned, which leads to weight gain and other problems.

E-bikes present an excellent opportunity for older people to engage in some low impact aerobic exercise without risk of putting stress on the joints and without danger of getting hurt by other players. The recommended amount of moderate aerobic exercise per week is 2.5 hours, according to the American Heart Association. With an e-bike, you can combine the usefulness and fun of being mobile with the exercise.

They will provide the riders with an opportunity to pedal as much as they can and then use the motor to assist their ride whenever they need to rest. Plus, with an e-bike, a person who is elderly can get much further without too much effort. This means an increased mobility which can help seniors to stay socialized with friends and family.

Better mobility

The freedom to travel is what all Americans love no matter what their age is. With electric bikes, older people who are not comfortable driving their car anymore can easily reach to wherever they want to go. Electric bikes can carry quite a bit of cargo too, so they are perfect for running errands and grocery shopping as well.

Others who love traveling with their RVs or going on road trips can take their e-bikes with them to complement the travel experience too.

In general, an e-bike will get much faster to wherever you are going than walking or riding a regular bike. These wonderful motor assisted bikes can go up to 20 miles per hour, which is faster than all the cars which are stuck in heavy traffic.

Their range on one battery charge is great too – a good quality e-bike will cover a distance of 60 miles per charge. This is enough to enjoy a great ride on one of your favorite trails or to get you around town to meet up with friends and family or go to the store.

E-bikes are great for socializing as well

There are so many riding groups in every area which one can join in order to enjoy a fun ride with new or old friends. By getting an electric bike older people can get to meet up with their riding friends and find other new ones while enjoying a joyful ride.

They can ride along with the grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them too.

It is a fact that when somebody has little or no previous experience with riding a bicycle starts riding an e-bike, will quickly get a confidence boost thanks to the ease of riding these great two-wheeled electric motor assisted vehicles.

The riding position of electric bikes helps improve the posture and the balance. It is also safer for the rider since there is a clearer view of the surroundings during the ride.

Of course, when riding in traffic rather than on cycling lanes, one should always be careful about the traffic and take precautions to stay away from any incidents. This could be a problem for some older people who have slower reaction times, but with some practice, they will quickly learn how to stay safe while riding their e-bike.

They are a joy to ride

Electric bikes are very enjoyable to ride. The fact that you don’t need to pedal frantically in order to get from one point to another, but can rather leisurely pedal and enjoy the smooth assistance of the motor makes them a brilliant form of transportation. This is why people who have electric bikes claim that they ride much more than those who own regular push bikes.

Final words

So, apart from the health benefits, the improved mobility and the boost in social life, electric bikes are a joy to ride. Older people will once again feel the freedom of cruising down the road and taking road trips with the help of motor-assisted bicycles. Most importantly, these electric bikes that won’t break the bank have several new options, which allow to solely utilize the bike battery, while other models combine the use of electric power with manual cycling, providing a boost or rest when needed.

So, if you want to buy your elderly parents or grandparents a gift, an e-bike is possibly one of the best ones you can get!

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