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Why Do You Need Curved Led Video Panel?

LED display screen technology developed dramatically over ten years, especially in terms of pixel pitch, size, and brightness range. At the same time, it became more integrated and lightweight. Nowadays, there’s a growing preference for curved LED display screens for some high requirements, such as      Art background display,DJ events display etc.Curved LED video panel not just look really cool but also provide lots of different benefits over conventional flat displays, that’s also why they are becoming more popular for users.

Led Video Panel

Why curved led screens are becoming popular? What are the features, benefits and applications? Let’s get right into it.

What are the beneficials to use curved LED display?

The curved led display screens have become popular for good reasons,following as the best things to this innovation:

Visual – Curved LED display is designed with the human vision in mind. The sight of people can only enjoy best when looking at straight in front. This is why we may see distorted pictures at the edges when background screen is too large. But the eyes will be able to see clearly the entire screen, minus the distortions for curved screens.

High Resolution – Especially for modular curved LED screens, they provide a better sense. Besides, fine pixel pitch gives viewers a HD viewing experience.

Practical  – In our opinion, you won’t just buy good appearance for an electronic product, other benefits need to be considered carefully as well.

Adaptable – Curved LED screens can be used as bending advertisement displays . Modules can also be used to cover almost any size of wall. It can be mounted to a wall or used as a free-standing promotional display.

Energy-efficient – curved led display screens are designed with energy-efficiency technology, This allows screen owners to save electric bills even for 24/7 usage.

Durable – Most curved LED screens’ lifespan are over 100,000 hours. Free-maintenance.

What applications to Use a Curved LED Display?

Nowadays, curved LED screens are used for many applications. The following are the common applications of this technology:

Advertising display on curved columns and walls – Retailers usually use LED screens to display because its vivid video content effectively catch eyes of passers-by. Curved LED screens could be used for interior  malls, events, or at outdoor areas.

Art Displays – At museums or shopping mall or DJ events, curved LED screens are used for interactive display. Meanwhile, they are also to transfer information.

Curved led screen have so many benefits and versatile application, if you want to use it upgrade yours led screen, The most important thing is you need reliable curved led display manufacturer, DOIT VISION always trust and focus in quality alongside with its professional, efficiency, commutation and support before, during and most importantly AFTER the project delivery, it is second-to-none in the LED display space and the faith of all the DOIT VISION members. They truly want to help all the users to get the best result by using its products and certainly to help them to get there.

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