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Why Blockchain Games Are The Future Of Online Gaming

Currently, the online gaming industry is booming. This is indicated by data that in 2020 alone, this industry made a profit of $20 billion. Of course, this is far from the limit, and in subsequent years, profits will only grow.

Blockchain Games Are The Future Of Online Gaming

This growth will undoubtedly force the industry to innovate to remain attractive and increase revenue. This is obvious because no one wants to play a game where the developers do not add anything. However, constantly coming up with something new and unique for demanding players is a very difficult task for developers.

New weapons, characters, and even the plot no longer evoke the same emotions in experienced players as at the beginning. Therefore, playing one game for a very long time, the player will undoubtedly wonder – what will happen next? And, if there is no answer to this question, then he will simply find a new game. However, how easy is it? If we are talking about blockchain gaming, then everything is simple.

What is crypto gaming?

Blockchain is perhaps one of the best ways to play online games, as it has some advantages over conventional games. Surely you have heard about bitcoin, but do not quite understand how blockchain relates to this. A blockchain is a chain of blocks that contains certain information. All blockchain users can view the information stored in blocks, but no one can change it. The blockchain is also built on the principle of decentralization – no one controls or stores this data.

Crypto video game is created on the blockchain network. For example, one such game is CryptoKitties, which was launched in 2017 based on the Ethereum blockchain. In this game, players can breed cats, each of which is unique in its own way. So some of them were sold for $100,000. To create a game based on the blockchain, many developers use outsourcing services. Especially when it comes to game design outsourcing, so you can take a look at outsourcing art here.

Benefits of crypto games

The decentralized gaming blockchain provides gamers with many benefits that outweigh the slow speed. And these benefits are not just game updates. They change the very essence of online games. Here are some of them.

Control for players

Most blockchain-based games are decentralized applications. In this case, it is quite difficult to change the rules of the game or even close it. In a way, this is good news for the players.

In order to make major changes, the majority of users must agree with the proposed changes. This is primarily due to the features of blockchain games:

  • Their code is open source.
  • They are developed on a decentralized blockchain.
  • They have crypto tokens that cannot be owned by the same user.

Thanks to these principles, the future development of the game depends on the players themselves, and not on the developers.

Reward system

Some may say that you can also earn money in regular online games. However, this is rather rare, and the average player of regular online games does not earn. As for games on the blockchain, here it is quite possible on an ongoing basis for all players.

In Blockchain gaming, you can collect NFTs which can then be sold on the market. For players who devote a lot of time to such a game, this is a good alternative to a salary. With special luck, you can even earn millions, but this is not always worth counting on.

An example of such a game is Axie Infinity. This is a fairly popular blockchain game that attracts its players with the opportunity to earn real money. The game offers its players such modes as PVP and PVE. The goal of the game is to buy Axie monsters that are made for fighting. Thus, every monster and item is an NFT. Those who are good at winning get a special trophy – Smooth Love Potions cryptocurrency.

Players can exchange these tokens for real money or sell their monsters to fight. There have been several instances where players have made huge amounts of money by selling Axie.

Purchase of assets

In normal games, in-game assets belong to the developers, this is obvious to everyone. However, with the advent of blockchain games, all assets after their purchase remain yours, this is guaranteed by smart contracts.

The essence of smart contracts is that after the conditions are written there are met, the result remains irreversible. This means that nothing can deprive you of an in-game asset.

This purchase is also reflected in the decentralized system, and these records are almost impossible to fake. And even if the game disappears, your asset will not be lost. You can even use it in other blockchain games.

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