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Why Are Online Casinos Investing In Mobile Friendliness?

Having a mobile-optimized website is crucial to most industries, and the online gambling industry is definitely no exception. As the business is run only on digital platforms, there is a heavy focus on being on top of the game in providing the best mobile experience to players.

Online Casinos Investing In Mobile Friendliness

From Flash to HTML5

Previously, most online casino games were created on Flash technologies as this was the most popular way for programmers to create games. Adobe Flash is a software allowing production of various multimedia content. As it has been known for some years already, Adobe is stopping to support and develop Flash player, the end of its life being 31st of December 2020. This is due to the disadvantages of Flash player, as it has been stated as a higher security risk compared to HTML5. With many smartphone manufacturers opting out of supporting Flash and its known end date approaching soon, mobile game developers have already shifted their focus on HTML5.

Utilizing HTML5 comes with many benefits compared to Flash or native technologies, although some do combine native and HTML5 to create hybrid models. Firstly, HTML5 allows better graphics. High-quality graphics are a must, and the quality has to translate into mobile. As HTML5 runs smoothly on almost all browsers (unlike Flash which requires plugins), it is only natural that all new mobile casino games are made and old are transferred to HTML5. Furthermore, updates and maintenance are far more simple as the software itself does not need any updates, making updates hardly noticeable for players.

Well-designed graphics on mobile games as well as performance are not the end all be all of being a mobile friendly casino. Companies are investing in wholesome user experience from signing up to depositing and withdrawing, finding games, creating easily activated promotions and overall spending on every detail that can be improved when gambling on mobile devices. Whereas previously mobile friendliness was addressed by making two versions of the site, nowadays online casinos are mainly building responsive websites adjusting automatically to the device used.

Competition driving towards mobile friendliness

But why are online casinos so keen on providing the best mobile experience for their customers? Simply put, competition. The industry has become highly competitive compared to the early years of online casinos when the industry was in the hands of just few. Starting an online casino business has become relatively easy and gamblers are also looking for new options with innovative solutions and better promotions at online casinos based on mobile-first strategy. This forces older, well-established online casinos to bite the bullet and implement a similar approach in order to keep their market share.

For example, India is one of the fastest growing markets for online gambling. It has been estimated that the number of mobile phone users will double by 2023 anywhere up to 650 – 700 million phones, the main reason being lower costs of acquiring a mobile phone as well as better availability and faster internet connectivity. These two main trends that are affecting India currently make it attractive for both online casinos and casino game developers to focus on mobile friendliness. Many Indian gamblers are searching for their local favorite card games with terms like “real money teen patti” or “how to play teen patti online”, showing that it is worth investing in high-quality mobile game development in order to acquire new markets.

Of course, it is not just Indian market benefitting from the mobile-first approach. Gambling on mobile phones has surpassed gambling on desktop in many countries, and many choose their favorite online casino based on mobile friendliness. What is more, smartphones have not just become more accessible but also smarter, making it possible to utilize mobile devices for multiple complex purposes.

Although the key factors for choosing a mobile friendly online casino may not linger in its technological abilities, having a smoothly running mobile-optimized platform with optimized games is essential. After all, problems in technology and usability are known to be the most irritating issues that turn customers (in this case, players) off. As there are always some who do it better, it is easy for the customer to just change from one casino to another.

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