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Why Adult Apps And Sites Are Increasing In Popularity This Year

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Adult apps and sites are here to stay because they connect users to a world where they can explore their sexuality. Regardless, adult contents are restricted everywhere, and almost all well-known social media platforms limit sexual content. However, virtual reality has brought a new twist to watching content. To know more, head on to

Tumblr initially was welcoming of adult content on its platform, but after welcoming the mainstream general audience, Tumblr now places regulations on adult content. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes have no tolerance for sexual or adult content either.

Given the need for standalone adult content platforms free from external jurisdiction, adult sites and apps have continued to grow popular. Other than that, here are some reasons why adult apps and sites are increasing in popularity this year.

1.Natural Instincts/Biology

This is the main reason behind the adult contents seen all around today. The body needs pleasuring, ecstatic orgasm, and more. The human body has been programmed to aspire to pleasure, and it seeks pleasure in every way possible.

Unfortunately, people shy away from the concept. Still, the need for sexual gratification has increasingly encouraged the creation of adult apps and sites for public consumption and use.

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The adult content industry is solely for profit-making. By churning out more adult content platforms, adult apps and site owners now smile to the bank. Other than that, porn stars need to have content platforms to make money.

The increase of adult content platforms has made making money easier for them. Some sites allow posting of sex videos even from individuals. This means that a lot of people now get to make money just by posting their sexual activities.

3.Stay-at-home Period

Due to the coronavirus pandemic’s stay-at-home order, most people now have more time on their hands. Since work hours have now been cut short, people now look towards porn sites and apps for entertainment. During this period, sites like SEXTECHGUIDE who review and rank adult sites has gotten even more popular.

Also, with the stay at home syndrome, booty call accesses are now limited. Since there’s hardly direct access to real sex now, virtual reality sex is a new way forward for most. This has largely contributed to the popularity of adult platforms this year.


The world loves sex. This love for sex has now become a crazed crave. People have gotten addicted to the fantasies inside their heads. The standard set by pornstars has made sex life complicated for lots of individuals, too.

Since most can’t achieve their sexual fantasies in real life, they get addicted to watching videos of those sexual fantasies. Through this, a lot of people get caught up in the addiction web even more. This has, in turn, increased the popularity of porn sites and apps.

5.Societal Standards

Society believes that sexual enjoyment should be kept closeted. Various people have diverse pleasure fetishes and desires, but they can’t act on them. However, adult apps and sites give them direct access to all that without making them feel inferior about their desires.

With a porn site or app, you can watch BDSM activities, fellatio scenes, etc. without feeling judged by societal standards. This is another major cause of the increase of adult sites and apps’ popularity.

6.Social and Mass Media Platforms

Social and mass media platforms throw a lot of things in our faces everyday. For instance, routinely checking people’s profiles on social media means you’ll see a lot of sexy bodies.

Unfortunately, social media platforms are where everyone comes to show off these days, and you get a lot of subliminal messages about sex sent to the brain. The subsequent outcome is usually the need to visit adult content websites.

Additionally, advertisements (ads) about adult apps and sites have increased the popularity of adult platforms at a dramatic rate. Most of these ads are positioned on strategic websites where people visit frequently. Of course, a porn site or app would generate many ad clicks.

7.Unavailability of Suiting Adult Platforms

Most popular social media platforms have restricted or totally placed a ban on sexual content. This means that the producers and consumers of the contents need to take their activities elsewhere. This is why so many adult content platforms have now sprung up.

Activities such as adult dating are not generally favored on the popular social media platforms. This has made adult dating sites to spring up and become popular among adults trying to hook up.

Also, there are some information inappropriate to be divulged on regular social and mass media platforms due to the possible presence of children. These kinds of classified sexual information, advice, etc. get brought to light on an adult platform.

8.Technological Advancement

Virtual Reality (VR) porn has taken the world by storm. It allows adults to enjoy fantasy pleasure porn as though they’re actually experiencing it.

VR porn is viewable via a virtual reality headset. The headset allows the user to have an enhanced virtual sex experience because everything seems real.

This also caused adult sites and apps to become even more popular today because people want heightened sexual experience.


 The adult platform is the only place where adults can feel totally at home and be unbothered, relax, and ease tension. It’s the safe haven of adults, especially in these trying times, which is the ultimate reason for its growing popularity.

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