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Who Are Bonus Hunters And What Do They Do

Bonus Hunters And What Do They Do

When searching for an online casino, you won’t experience the shortage of options: there are thousands of platforms to choose from, each of which comes with unique offers and benefits. To stand the competition, gambling sites need to come up with generous bonuses and to attract as many players as possible.

Such bonuses come in a huge variety: welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty and referral programs, cashback, and much more. As you understand, such a diversity generates a separate category of players – Bonus Hunters. And today we will discuss this term and the main things that distinguish them from regular gamblers. Go on reading about bonus hunting and, who knows, maybe you’d want to become one.

Bonus Hunting: Definition

There is a certain share of players, who are in constant search of online casinos with the best terms and wagering requirements. These players are called bonus hunters and they are looking for the most rewarding bonuses, which give a higher probability of winning. And considering that there are tens of different promotions on offer, bonus hunters may benefit without spending much.

Basically, a bonus hunter is a gambler, who is searching for a chance to clear the wagering requirement of a bonus and to cash out the winnings. Such players regularly register in new casinos without staying long enough in a particular place.

Bonus hunters are using multiple strategies to search for the best welcome offers and promotions. Yes, it’s not enough to choose a trusted platform. Even though Casino HEX has gathered a list of certified gambling operators that accept NZ currency, there are different formulas and approaches that may help you play safely and win big.

Terms To Meet

If you want not only to play for fun but also to make profits, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Apart from being psychologically stable and committed, bonus hunters need to remember the following things:

  • Look for reliable online casinos. Scammers and irresponsible gambling sites won’t pay out the bonuses, so you’ll simply lose money and won’t be able to return the deposit;
  • The casino must have generous promotions and bonuses. Well, that’s obvious!
  • Search for the deals that have low wagering requirements;
  • When choosing a stake per spin, make sure you have enough funds to cover a minimum 200 bets of the same value;
  • When using the bonus hunting strategy, you need to search for online casinos, which don’t require uploading documents and verifying your identity. However, all gambling sites sooner or later ask for verification (for example, passport or driving license), so you’ll be banned without providing these details.

Strategies Of Bonus Hunters

If you’re planning to become a bonus hunter, it’s important to have a certain plan of action. Many players don’t want to waste time on following a certain strategy and entrusting everything to the chance. This usually results in failure. Especially considering that nowadays wagering requirements are much higher and it becomes a real challenge to win.

Let’s analyze one of the bonus hunting strategies using an example. Imagine that you deposit $100 and get a 100% match bonus. Thus, you have $200 to play with. The wagering requirement is 30x. You should play the highest bet size and all available pay lines. If winning one round after another, the chances of meeting the wager are much higher. However, this strategy is risky and if you can’t afford to lose the whole deposit, it may not be the best option.

Of course, bonus hunting strategies don’t give a 100% guarantee of winning. Additionally, you need to search for high RTP slots and be ready for any outcome. Remember, bonus hunting takes lots of time and patience, so you shouldn’t be in a hurry. There are not so many generous and transparent bonuses out there. Thus, you must read all the terms and conditions attentively before signing up and making a deposit. And don’t forget that a wagering requirement mustn’t exceed 35x if you want to benefit from the bonuses.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Bonus hunting is one of the ways to earn more while spending less. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, many players forget that games of chance were initially created for having fun and spending your leisure, not for risking and chasing profits. Enjoy the process and you’ll never have to stress out about losing!

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