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Where To Watch Overflow?

Web series have captured the imagination and attention of many millennials in the recent past. They have conquered the entertainment medium more than we initially thought. The advent of OTT medium and web series have actually opened up many forums to stage good content-oriented stories that cater to different sensibilities. Most of the web series that stream in the OTT mediums are age agnostic and tend to all audiences irrespective of age. Some of them hook up the youths of this generation making them go crazy over its content for all the fantasies it sports.

Overflow is a web series that hinges on the romanticism of a young boy and two girls. It also dwells with a fair share of mystery that revolves around the characters and instances making it a livelier watch. The enigma that surrounds the content keeps people by edges and to have it blended with a raw romance is an interesting premise that wins over the focus of the masses.

The premise of the series

Till now the series has premiered until season 1 with eight episodes and is rest to be released. All the eight episodes seem to be captivating the interest of the people with tinges of mystery that thrill the spectators to some extent. There are two girls and the triangular love affair between both of them towards the boy sets the tone for an intriguing plot. There is always an unknown precedent about which girl the boy would end up loving. The twist about the plot snowballs into one of the most curious arcs of the story that hooks up people to the ends of the earth.

The premise of the series

For one to really dwell into this magical horizon of the story, they have to binge-watch it as the series is a fast runner. Read the article to know full details about where you can catch the streaming of this web series.

The plot line of the series:

This is the story of the boy Kazuki who grew up in a close-knit family evolving into a lover boy of modern times. He has a sibling whom he shares everything with openly and without any borders. One day he happens to meet two girls and gets attracted to them. He ends up having a bath with both of them.

He decides to take his romance to next level and has sex with one girl. The other girl also becomes his sex partner eventually as the rest of the story unfolds. Both of them develop a close bond with the boy and their stories merge in all aspects. It seems like the series is going to spiral into some bickering between two women but it takes a whole twist of keeping people guessing about which one would win the boy.

The plot line of the series

The fun aspect of the story is that each of the girls thinks they are the only ones in the love affair and are quite ignorant about his antics with his significant other. He maintains his closeness to both of them equally so that no one would have any signs of knowing whom would he end up with. This intrigues the way the show unravels and somehow lures the spectators in mystical ways.

The whole journey of his bonding with the girls is pictured with perfection and the gimmicks of the screenplay captivate people to extremes. It looks like a new-age love thriller that aptly portrays the impulse of millennials who fall in love and yearn for a partner who is best in all aspects. This could also show how the youth of this generation navigate their love life and how strong they establish a connection with their love interest to get totally melted by her. His involvement and sex with these girls speak volumes about his connection that is deep in its root and sensitivity.

Where can we watch Overflow?

Many people after knowing the premise of the story would want to watch the show in one stretch. They would crave a platform that premiers this show as they would be curious to know if they have access to it. If anyone wonders where exactly can the show be watched, just bounce in on our article and you will have details on it at our disposal

Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime

This is an exclusive forum for streaming anime shows which has been popular amongst fans for a long time. Many series have been featured in this and people get to pick their favorites from the list of shows. Overflow premiers on this show where you can also catch the updated episodes with options to download.



Happy news for the Apple users as it is available on iTunes with the latest update on episodes. A famous site that has been a staple platform for iOS users to listen to any form of visual entertainment without any hiccups. There are also subscription offers available on the channel which can be leveraged to binge-watch the show.

Amazon Prime video:

Amazon Prime video

All modern OTT users must have been acquainted with Amazon prime app. It is quite famous for streaming all recent uploads of movies and new web series. This has a load of series in its arsenal and Overflow is just one of them. You can catch the updated episode version without much ado on this channel.



Another similar OTT platform has a great base of new web series. Overflow premiers in this platform as well and is quite accessible for all device users equally.


The story as mentioned above is magical in its expedition that one gets glued to the series by all means. As watching the show gives an utmost thrill to the audience, they may have to choose to binge-watch this on a stretch. A love affair turning out to be an interesting terrain of suspense and romance is an abode where everyone wants to float. Let us switch to the article and know about the show while getting an idea as to where to watch it in full swing.


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