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When You Can Sue An Employer For Wrongful Termination And How To Claim?

Wrongful Termination is basically when you are fired without any legal basis from your job. Wrongful Termination is often done without any notice, and puts the fired employee in plenty of difficult situations. And in such cases, getting in touch with a wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles, or a similar lawyer near you, can be really helpful.

When You Can Sue An Employer For Wrongful Termination And How To Claim

However, you can choose to sue your former employer to either receive compensation or have them pay for the wrong they did to you as per the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972. This Act serves to protect the rights of the employees. You can find out more by contacting an experienced attorney, such as from the Law Offices of Usmaan Sleemi.

There are some grounds on which you can sue your employee many of which constitute as “Wrongful Termination”.

  1. If You Have Been Terminated Without A Reason

Many employers may simply terminate an employee by characterizing it as ‘lay-off’ when they do not find any other valid reason. Your employer might try to send you off without giving you a legit reason which can form the basis for you to file a lawsuit against them.

  1. If You Were Fired In Spite of Good Performance

Employers often try to conjure up lies such as telling the employee that their performance was subpar, even if it is common knowledge that the employee worked to their utmost potential.

Your work as well as reviews from your co-workers, if they do show indeed that your performance was not subpar then you can use them as evidence to file a lawsuit against your former employer.

  1. If You Were Denied Your Sales Commission

Many times, companies do not want to pay the employees their share of the sales commission and may instead fabricate some lies to get rid of the employees instead.

If you were an employee who brought in a good amount of sales and profit to the company, and were promised a percentage of the commission prior to your firing, then you can use this as substantial grounds to file for a lawsuit.

  1. If You Were Defrauded With Lies

In order to get the most work done by employees, employers often tend to lure in employees with false hopes of increments, bonuses or promotions and may instead sack the employee once the work is done.

Employers may even put employees in potentially dangerous situations such as by sending them to remote areas for some tasks, by misleading them with chances for promotions.

Moreover, many employers are even looking to replace the employee with someone else and may instead try to get rid of the current employee with lies as well.

  1. If You Were Discriminated Against

Discrimination can be on the basis of race, sex, age etc. In such cases, you can always take the help of certain lawyers who can guide you through the process and do justice. For example, you could be a married woman and terminated because the employers think you cannot dedicate the necessary time. Or, it could be a religion issue, in which case, you would need the assistance of religious lawyers such as those at ADF Legal to help you get justice. These issues need addressing ASAP in order to get the best outcome.

Discrimination is now taken very seriously, and can help in forming a good case against your employee very well if you feel that you were indeed discriminated against.

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