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What’s The Future of Online Sports Betting in India

According to the 1867’s Public Gambling Act, accessing a gambling space or being in ownership of gambling devices is illegal and against India’s law. It’s such an old rule, you say, but it’s the only written gambling rule in the land that still governs betting activities. This makes gambling, in general, a prohibited affair in the country.


However, there are exceptions as to what type of betting is against the law. The Indian jurisdiction classifies sporting activities into “game of skills,” and “game of chance.” A game of skills is an activity where the outcome is determined by the player’s skills and knowledge, while a game of chance is when results depend on luck. According to the law, the game of skills, also known as fantasy games like rummy, horse racing, and IPL betting, are legal, while betting on games of chances are prohibited and against the law.

So What Happens To Sports Betting In India?

Although the law is tight, betting activities are still a common thing across India. Furthermore, gambling rules apply more to land-based betting houses. The government has no written rules about online betting, leaving a corridor into the online betting space. offer gambling services to the Indian sports betting enthusiasts, and no punter has ever been charged for indulging in online gambling. The downside of this rule is that 60% of gambling in India is through the black market. Speculations go around that revenue from these activities end up in the wrong avenues and support terrorist activities.

What’s The Future Of Online Sports Betting in India

40% of internet users in India spend a fraction of their daily life gambling and browsing online betting sites show that online gambling activities are occurring in India. The market size may increase, given that around 64% of the Indian population falls between the 18 and 64 age brackets. There’s no doubt that this is a more youthful group mostly made of sports enthusiasts with a high desire to gamble.

Although gambling is illegal in the country, the activities, mostly sport betting, still grows at approximately 7% yearly, with a market of over 100 billion. This is another indicator of a favorable trend and shows that you may witness expanded online betting opportunities soon. Here are some of the changes that the country’s gambling industry may expect soon.

  • Government Could Legalize Gambling

There are heated debates about the state of gambling in the country, with insiders and legislators citing the benefits of legalizing the activities. In a report in 2018 concerning the gambling subject, the Law Commission of India advised on the need to legalize sport-related activities quoting the ancient texts to show prevalence.

Some arguments claim legalizing sport betting activities could be the remedy to uproot the negativity associated with gambling. Legislators are also pushing for its legalization to help in tapping revenue for the government.

The gambling rules apply sparingly, and states such as Goa, Diu, and Daman already have casinos and sports betting as legal operations. Similarly, there are no strict rules concerning the activity in Sikkim, Assam, and Telangana.  That shows that sooner or later, other parts of the country may also loosen the laws and allow legal sports gambling.

  • More Sites Expected To Set Grounds In The Country

Many foreign sports bookies consider India as a rich and growing betting market. As a result, many credible betting sites are already offering their services to Indians, and this list is bound to rise soon.

The large Indian population, the ever-growing Indian sports market, and the increasing number of Indians using the internet are some of the reasons why offshore online bookies may soon establish or increase their operations in the country.

  • Online Betting Is Bound To Grow

Betting rules are present in India, but no law touches on online sports betting. This loophole is an excellent opportunity for the Indian online betting market to increase and keep getting big. The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry approximates that Rs 3 lakh crore is spent through international websites, bookies, and tech-enabled channels like encoded chat rooms.

The growth shows a positive turn out in gambling and affirms that India is yet to witness more online sports betting.


The online sports betting industry is maintaining steady growth. However, legalizing gambling in India may still take some time due to changes needed in its past laws. If you indulge in betting, remember to take necessary precautions and practice within limits. Also, stay off the government hook by only indulging in the legalized activities.

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