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What You Need to Know About Berberian Ain LLP

Berberian Ain LLP has over the years proven to be California’s foremost Elder Abuse Attorneys based in Glendale. Berberian Ain LLP’s interest in Elder Abuse revolves around professionalism with a stint of emotion. Over the years, there have been increased cases of elderly abuse which has been treated with such reluctance, a situation that gave birth to California’s foremost law firm. Sometimes it is difficult to tell when an elder close to you is abused (or being abused). Most cases of early abuse are linked mostly to elderly people’s homes and perpetrated mostly by doctors, nurses, or staff on duty. Berberian Ain LLP understands the importance of this group of people in our society and how vulnerable their condition can make them be. So they have mobilized some dedicated term lawyers who are experts in the field to deal with cases associated with elderly abuse.

Know About Berberian Ain LLP

Personal Injury

But that notwithstanding, the firm is also known for its reputation in cases related to personal injury. Personal injuries are a complete voidable risk that happens due to someone’s carelessness. Though we will candidly advise that if you or any of your loved ones happen to fall in this category (as in, happen to be a victim of a personal injury), the first step to take is to get the injury treated before proceeding to take any legal action. You have to also understand that taking legal action against any form of personal injury is not and should not anyway be regarded as intimidation, rather, it is a step towards building a safer society for all.

Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence has been a major factor in our healthcare system, our doctors and nurses swore to make sure we are well taken care of when we walk into any hospital and this is why we have trusted them with our lives. But sometimes these professional oats have turned to mere formality as sometimes they tend to ignore their primary role as caregivers out of some braggadocios reasons which must of times can lead to the death of a patient. Acts such as this need to be checked using proper legal procedures. Berberian Ain LLP is very much aware of these irregularities, including some malpractices that medical professionals deliberately engage in just for monetary gains.

The firm has an organized team of professional lawyers grounded in the field of medicine trained to assist victims who have fallen prey to this type of professionals injustice get a well-deserved justice. Like we have always emphasized, this is not harassment of any kind on the side of medical professionals, but a way to hold them accountable. Some of the medical cases Berberian Ain LLP is known to have proven their legal prowess in include:


  • Birth Injury

This is a situation whereby a newborn suffers medical complications as a result of negligence on the side of the nurse or doctors alike. In this case, the services of a legal term grounded with the birth process launch an investigation through circumstances surrounding the birth. Some common cases in this situation include Brain injuries, Cerebral palsy, Spinal cord injuries, Brachial palsy, Shoulder dystocia, Epidural birth injuries, Infection, Delayed C-section, e.t.c.

  • Surgical Errors

Research has shown that 10% of all the deaths in the United States are connected to errors sustained during surgeries. This has gone so bad that it is now considered the third-highest cause of death in the country. Some of these common surgical scalpels abandoned inside the patient’s body after surgery, gauze, pad, and clamp, e.t.c. These mistakes can cause patients serious pain, infection, or worst-case scenario death. Such careless professional practice must be checked to prevent further damage, and this is where Berberian Ain LLP comes in, they provide the victim or families of the victim (in a case where the issue has to do with death) the necessary legal assistance needed in a case like this.

  • Failure to Diagnose

There are medical conditions that require immediate diagnosis such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and strokes. Failure to dictate these health problems early enough can lead to some major health problems. But still, we have situations where healthcare practitioners carelessly ignore these facts thus leading to the obvious – death. Here, Berberian Ain LLP takes up the necessary legal action against the perpetrators on your behalf, and help you get all the necessary claims you deserve.

The point is, Berberian Ain LLP has already positioned itself as major legal pioneers to collect the ills that surround employment law, medical malpractice, personal injury, and Elder Abuse. And they have been doing this for quite some time now under the guidance of the presiding managing attorneys: Richard Berberian, ESQ  and Ferris Ain, ESQ. One can as well schedule a free consultation using their online platforms at berberianain.com. why don’t you make out to witness law at it’s best, and it can only be here at Berberian Ain LLP.

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