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What You Need To Find From Gun Cleaning Mat

Every gun owner knows that being a responsible one is very important. The firearm must be kept and stored in a safe place and can’t be accessed by other especially minor. Another important safety measures every gun owner must prioritize is making sure proper cleaning and maintenance of the firearm.

Although it may be the least favorite thing to do, routine cleaning is very crucial to keep a gun in good condition and optimum function. Gun exterior can be contaminated by dirt and oil from contact with hands. Another contaminant is the gunpowder residues. The residues can form a build up to attract dirt and debris. This build-up can cause corrosion of the metal parts and also have a bad effect on gun accuracy. Regular cleaning, especially after firing the gun, will make sure all parts are in good condition.

What You Need To Find From Gun Cleaning Mat

However, gun cleaning isn’t a simple thing. The firearm needs to be disassembled and every part must be cleaned and apply gun lubricant. Some parts are small enough that there are risks to lose those parts when it is time to reassemble the gun. This kind of incident often happen to gun owners and it would be a very irritating thing to deal with. This is the reason why gun owners need to have one crucial thing in their gun cleaning kit and that thing is a gun cleaning mat. This is when you need to learn what makes the best mats for cleaning your gun.

You can choose to use a rag or towel to clean the gun exterior and its internal metal parts. Both of them will be useful to wipe the oil and dirt. But there are many advantages of using specifically designed and made mats for cleaning the gun. Gun cleaning mat isn’t only useful to clean and wipe the gun parts but it also keeps all parts safe and minimizes the risk of losing any part. These are the qualities needed for an ideal gun cleaning mat:

First is the core material of the mat. The material must be soft rubber polymer material with good absorption capabilities. It is important to absorb spilled cleaning oil and lubricant so it won’t leak and cause the stain on the working table.

Second is the surface of the mat must be soft and non-abrasive so it won’t scratch gun body or metal parts. The surface is also non-slippery to prevents any part to roll off the mat and work table.

The third is the non-skid backing to keep the mat on firm position and won’t slide.

Fourth is the size of the mat is big enough to accommodate the firearm parts you want to clean.

Those four are basic requirements of an ideal gun cleaning mat. It is also recommended to choose mats with advanced features. Those features are including a printed diagram of gun parts, magnetic parts retention tray, recessed sections, and many more. Last but not least, be sure that the mat is easy to clean and easy to store. That’s how you can find the best mats for cleaning your gun.


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