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What Type Of Sites Need VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server web hosting can benefit just about any type of website, but there are a few specific types of sites that should always been hosted on a VPS system. VPS hosting packages typically offer increased security, improved performance, and a host of other benefits at a reasonable mid-range price point. Read on to find out if your website needs VPS web hosting.

What Type Of Sites Need VPS Hosting

Websites that Handle Financial Information

If your website accepts credit cards, PayPal, or other payment information then you definitely need a secure form of web hosting. VPS is one of the most secure forms of hosting on the market, as the files stored on a VPS server are secured away from other websites by an entire operating system (OS.)

Sites that have any sort of checkout page or a shopping cart should use the most secure hosting available, which in most cases is VPS web hosting. One reason the security is generally better with VPS web hosting then other types of hosting is that as a VPS-based website administrator, you’re the only one with access to your site’s files. On a shared hosting setup, it’s technically possible to have your files breached or compromised by corrupt files stored by other, neighboring websites.

Websites with Secure Logins and Forms

Financial data isn’t the only thing you need to protect when running a website. It’s a great idea to get a VPS web hosting package if your site collects any information including usernames, passwords, birth dates, email addresses, or any sort of secure form.

One of the best things you can do to supplement your VPS web hosting and make your forms even more secure for users is to get an SSL certificate. SSL certificates help users feel more comfortable sending data to your server and interacting with your website. In fact, SSL certificates and VPS hosting go so well together that some VPS hosts offer free SSL certification through trusted providers like Let’s Encrypt.

If you’re hosting any kind of form or email-submission field then you should do yourself and your site’s visitors a favor and opt for VPS hosting with SSL certification for maximum security. It will also help to keep your form pluginsup to date, if using WordPress or another CMS to create your forms.

VPS for Niche Websites

Another reason to get VPS hosting is if you’re running a niche website. Niche websites are sites that discuss or cover a specific topic or genre and compete for traffic in search engines. These types of websites are often affected by small changes in search algorithms from search providers like Google and Bing. If you’re competing with dozens or hundreds of other similar websites for organic search traffic then you’ll need a VPS web hosting setup to give your site the advantage.

VPS web hosting provides an advantage to niche websites and other sites where speed and search engine rankings are essential because with a VPS you can configure the server settings to improve loading times and work better for the SEO method you’re planning to implement.

Niche websites and other sites that compete in dense markets should always use VPS to give themselves a lead in search results through advanced server configuration and faster load times. Another reason VPS sites tend to load so quickly is that when you have a VPS you have enough resources for your website at all times. This is in contrast to a shared hosting server, where other sites may need to use more resources during common peak traffic hours, leaving your own website fighting for its fair share of RAM and CPU power.

VPS Web Hosting for WordPress

Aside from the security, speed, and performance-based reasons that many sites need a VPS system, there are good reasons to use a VPS based on which platform you’re building your website on. WordPress and Drupalare two of the most common Content Management Systems, and millions of websites use these free systems.

Many VPS providers have CMS-optimized web hosting packages made specifically for either WordPress or Drupal. These hosting solutions are must-have for Drupal and WordPress site owners because they are proven to be compatible with the current versions of the CMS software, have enhanced SEO and other configuration profiles for the CMSs, and often come with one-click installers to make building sites on such platforms an easy task.

While VPS web hosting can be helpful for virtually every type of website on the web, there are a few sites that shouldn’t skip out on VPS, regardless of their current setup. These sites include online stores and other sites that collect or process financial information, sites with logins or forms that collect or store sensitive information from users, and CMS-based sites that can benefit from easy one-click installation. Remember to look for VPS providers that offer SSL certificate installation if you’re going to be running your website on a secure Virtual Private Server.

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