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What to tell your kid about online learning?

Your kid is a curious being, so to make him learn new things, and to quench his thirst for knowledge, you must select the right route. You cannot teach your kid everything in a few days; learning is a gradual process. Online learning is also like the standard learning, but parents need to teach their kids the dos and don’ts. Unlike the standard classroom setting, it is their home, and the only controller is you.

Before you teach your kid what he/she must do during the online classes, make sure that the platform you have picked for your kid’s education is reliable and safe. Many games, tutoring, and learning platforms are defaming this phenomenon, but some are still trying their best, like the Lido learning software and platform. Once you are sure that your kid’s platform or software will be a safe thing to try, you can move forward on teaching your kids some rules, dos, and don’ts of the online classes. 

The reason to stay this much conscious is the seriousness of the matter. You cannot let your kid waste his precious time on some stupid platforms, nor will you ever want him to interact with some inappropriate content. So, it is an altogether important matter. 

Here is what you must do. 

Teach them the process 

So, the first thing is to teach your kid how to open the devices. Say, you have specified a laptop or tab for your kid to attend the online classes. Now, you must take some time and let him open the tablet or the laptop, whatever you have selected. Next, ask him to make an account on that platform, register, or anything else. This way, he would understand how he is connecting with the tutor. 

Advise him to ignore ads 

Google can be annoying when it comes to ads; you can either download some ads stopping software or simply tell your child about the ads. Tell him that google is being paid for the ads, and the sellers want you to see them; you can check on those ads that are of any use to you but click on the “stop seeing the ad” button when you feel some irrelevancy.  

Manners are compulsory 

Young learners are not very used to greet teachers because they do not recognize teachers as someone special. So, you should teach them to greet the teachers and how to respect their teachers. You may have a chat with the teacher to show him how he is supposed to converse with the educator.

Teach him the way of transaction 

Online banking is not a strange thing, and your child must learn to do it so that he must not fall prey to any fraud. You should order something online; while you do so, ask your child to follow what you say. Many frauds and scams are looting people through online games and online learning platforms; ensure your kid’s safety by letting them know the process.


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