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What to Gift Your Man This Holiday

Shopping for your husband or boyfriend can be really difficult at times. This is especially true if they have always been hard to shop for or maybe they just don’t like to let on what they like. Regardless of how they sometimes choose to withhold the interest information, we understand and are here to help. Just to start with, seeing his available dates, you can plan a surprise vacation with him at The Brando in Tetiaroa and have the best moments shared. Apart from this, we know what guys like and have created the ultimate gift guide for you to use the next time you go shopping for the perfect gift for him.

Gift Your Man This Holiday

Check out below some great ideas and products to get your man for this holiday season without wondering whether or not he will like it.

Some Bling for Him

If your man has expressed interest in jewely or even has a favorite chain link, ring, or bracelet, definitely be sure that you look into getting him some more mens jewelry. With so many musicians, actors, and sports stars icing themselves out these days, we’re sure you’ll be able to find him something he will love. If you aren’t sure what type of jewlery to get him, the following are very popular styles right now of jewerly worn by men:

  • Signet rings – these simple and minimalistic style of rings typically only have a letter or symbol on them
  • Gold bracelets – typically worn as either small or bulky in a chain style
  • Chain link or cross necklaces – like the braceklets, these can either been worn in a small or bulky style

When buying jewelry for your man, be sure you are buying pieces that match. You don’t want to buy him a silver chain link with a gold signet ring. When it comes to men’s fashion jewerly, the general rule of thumb is to pair pieces that are made out of the same material. If he already has a chain link you can gift him another as doubling up necklaces is also another popular jewerly choice for men.

Workout Equipment

If your guy is a gym rat and spends all his waking hours working out or maybe he has expressed interest in working out in the past, be sure you look into getting him a Gorilla Bow. A Gorilla Bow is a great gift for any workout junkie or a newbie because it is a resistance and strength training device that can be used anywhere, even outside the gym and from the comfort of home. The Gorilla Bow is a total body workout, which means your man will be working out every muscle in his body when he uses it, giving him the ultimate device to tone, tighten, and burn fat. It is also easy to use, so your man can pick it up without having to learn complex instructions. Gifting him a Gorrilla Bow for the holidays is a gift that keeps on giving.

Comfy and Fun Clothes

Sometimes men need a little bit of a push in the fashion department. If your guy is known to wear the same torn-up three t-shirts and has nothing else in his closet, consider getting him some graphic tees for men. Graphic tees are not only a way for him to spice up his wardrobe but allow him to show off his personality with unique styles. You can give him graphic tees that showcase his favorite band, a funny saying, or some unique art. Regardless, help him see there are more than three shirts out in the world than the ones he is currently wearing.

A Coxy Blanket You Both Can Enjoy

Getting your man a gift you both can enjoy is one way to rock the holiday season. Gifting him a weighted blanket like a Luna Blanket is something you both can enjoy and even together. A weighted blanket is a great item to have for anyone, especially if you suffer from anxiety and depression. It can also be used to help promote deep sleep, especially if your man suffers from insomnia. The weight of the blanket feels like you’re getting a great big hug and can be used for nights in on the couch watching movies or for more intimate fun between you too.

Guilt-Free Chocolate

It’s hard around the holidays to not be tempted into eating the delicious foods surrounded by you, especially if you are on a diet or trying to eat healthily. If your man falls into this category, consider getting him some keto friendly chocolate so he doesn’t feel left out and can still indulge in holiday munching without him feeling the effects come January. Keto chocolate is especially great because of the following:

  • It’s dairy, soy, gluten-free, and sugar-free
  • Doesn’t spike your blood sugar
  • Low-carb, which is perfect for a low-carb diet

With keto chocolate, your guy can enjoy healthier treats, without the guilt or skimming on states. Dark chocolate, especially dark chocolate made of 70% or more cocoa, is also a good keto-friendly choice for chocolate. Next time you’re looking for holiday treats for your man trying to eat clean, grab him some keto-friendly or extra dark chocolate that will make him feel like he can still indulge.

A Weekend Away

Sometimes getting away from the holidays is a treat in of itself, especially if you and your man both work stressful jobs throughout the week, raise kids together, or have a very involved social life. Gifting your man a vacation rental you both can enjoy for the holiday season will be something he won’t see coming. Take a trip to the mountains for a cozy escape or to the beach for some fun in the sun. No matter where you decide to go, getting a vacation rental will be something he will love.


Weekends and evenings at home should be a time for resting and recuperation for your man. This is especially true if he has a stressful job or maybe he is always on his feet. In addition to his favorite robe, be sure to look into getting him some lounge shoes that he can wear around the house or on his off days. If your man has feet trouble, having lounge shoes will also help him with his tired feet so he can feel more relaxed at home. For the ultimate at-home comfort, try getting him lounge shoes with the following:

  • Memory foam that shapes and supports your feet
  • Machine washable so you can easily toss them in the wash for a quick clean
  • Mesh or breathable materials to cut down on odor

Having a pair of lounge shoes for your man to slip into after a long day will improve their mood significantly. Your man will appreciate the gift for that reason as it will make him feel more relaxed at home.

Shop for Your Man With Confidence This Holiday Season

It can be very stressful shopping for your loved ones, especially your man, for the holidays. However, it doesn’t have to be, and now you can shop with pride knowing you have the ultimate gift guide to refer to next time you go shopping. Simply refer to any one or more of our ideas and you will be sure to find something he won’t see coming and will set the bar for the next holiday season.

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