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What to consider while buying Robot Vacuum Cleaner in a Budget?

What do you think first when we talk about robot vacuum cleaners? EXPENSIVE! That’s the first word that comes in our mind when it comes to the robot vacuum cleaner. IN the cleaning world, there is nothing better than robot vacuum cleaner. But we all also know there is nothing pricier than robot vacuum cleaner.

If we say that you can get robot vacuum cleaners at a reasonable price, would you agree? Yes, you can get robot vacuum cleaners at a highly reasonable price.

However, the price vastly depends on the quality and performance of the vacuum cleaner. And so, we have done a great research  on how to get a high-grade robot vacuum cleaner within your budget. Let us dive right into the topic!

Buying Guide for Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Sensor Technology

As robot vacuum cleaners are highly expensive, you have to be very careful in selecting the features that are necessary. You have to cut does additional features to reduce the price of the robot vacuum cleaners.

With the help of the sensor technology, your robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to navigate properly. If you do not get a cleaner that has great sensor technology, the cleaner will bump into different obstacles and damage them.

On the other hand, a lack of great sensor technology will result in weak cleaning performance. Your cleaner will be unable to find dirty spaces properly and clean them perfectly. And so, sensor technology is important!

Remote Control Technology

In all cases, robot vacuum cleaners come with remote control technology. When you are going for an affordable one under $200, you must ensure that your cleaner has remote control technology added. With the help of this, you will be able to use your smartphone to control the vacuum cleaner.

This will help you in scheduling the cleaning times. No matter you are in your home or away, this will help your cleaner start the cleaning process as scheduled. Moreover, it helps you to use specific cleaning modes for different areas. Turning the vacuum on and off also can be done through the remote control technology.

Battery Life

When you are opting to get a reasonable robot vacuum cleaner, the most important thing that matters is battery life. If you get cheap robot vacuum cleaners, you will see that the battery life is not very good. Only go for the robot vacuums that have great runtime.

If you have a small house, you can ignore the battery life. But if you have a large house then the battery life should be your concern. Check the battery life first and then pick up the one that has a great battery life.

Cleaning Modes

Before you get a robot vacuum cleaner, learn about the cleaning modes of the cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners usually include carpet cleaning mode along with deep cleaning mode. There are also cleaners that mop your floor.

There are also other cleaning facilities along with various attachments. You have to cut down the additional features and stick to the required features only if you want a robot vacuum cleaner at an affordable rate.

Bin Capacity

This is one of the most essential facts when you are going to purchase a new vacuum cleaner No matter you have a robot vacuum cleaner or a regular vacuum cleaner, if you do not have a dirt bin of perfect size, you cannot use the cleaner for a longer period of time.

When you have a small dirt bin, it will be tough for you to clean the bin again and again in the middle of your cleaning. This will be annoying for you. On the other hand, if the bin is too much large then the cleaner will be tough to carry and store.

Go for a vacuum cleaner that has a moderate bin capacity to hold the dirt. However, if you have a small house, you can settle for the small dustbin size as it will cut down extra expenses too. But if you have large house, make sure that the bin is large enough to hold the dirt altogether.


When robot vacuum cleaners are expensive, you have to be very careful while choosing the features if you want the vacuum cleaner to be affordable. The only way to get the most reasonable vacuum cleaner is to settle for the cleaners that have the necessary features only.

Remember that if the cleaner has additional features, it will charge you extra. You do not need to pay for features that you will never use! So, be a little picky and go through our tips and trick to get the best robot vacuum cleaner in your budget!






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