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What Makes Wilder World The Ideal Place For Your Next NFT Adventure?

It took blockchain technology more than a few years to reach where it has reached today in terms of popularity and awareness. Now that technology is finally here, it has managed to disrupt how the digital world functions. We can all agree that blockchain and all ecosystems built using blockchain are here for the long run. Wondering how are we so sure about this statement? Well, the answer is the evolution of digital assets in the last few years with the latest being NFTs or non-fungible tokens. In the discussion that follows, we intend to explore the world of NFT and how one company in particular, Wilder World, is the ideal place for your next NFT adventure. 

What are NFTs?

What are NFTs

The word ‘fungible’ implies something that can be replaced by another identical item. So automatically non-fungible means something that cannot be replaced. With this, we come to NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that cannot be replaced. It means that they are unique items and one cannot find another replica in the digital world. NFTs can be anything. It can be a digital drawing, music, a virtual living space, a video, or anything else that you can possibly imagine and manage to create digitally for the world to see and buy.

Well the past and the origin story of NFT is already recorded. What we are interested in is the future! There are several companies leveraging the benefits of non-fungible assets but one company does it better than others. Wilder World and its 5D Metaverse have taken the world by storm. Keep reading until the end to learn more about the evolution of NFT in Wilder World and how the makers intend to keep innovating for an even better and more immersive digital experience. 

A Brief Introduction of Wilder World to the World!

Wilder World is a virtual world with 5-dimensions. The astounding Metaverse is built on ZERO, Unreal Engine, and Ethereum. The website is a virtual art gallery filled with modern, exceptional pieces of exclusive art. Everything that you see on Wilder Worlds’ website has been created by the present times’ most renowned 3D artists. The best part though is that all the NFT items are on sale.

The origins of the digital world can be traced to the famous designer Frank Wilder and some of the collectibles are designed by artists including Chad Knight, Wolftech, Pet Liger, and J. Pierce.

The native digital token for Wilder World is called WILD using which you can buy any of the creative pieces of art sold on the website. Using WILD you can also create a non-fungible token and sell it to potential buyers. This way, not only do you get access to an online place with an extensive range of treasures but get to create some of your own using your creativity.

Here is a list of some of the magnificent and well-curated NFTs currently available on the Wilder World website:



The section is a futuristic city in itself. It consists of visionary condos in the main city called Wiami (It does sound like Miami). Wiami is the digital version of Miami and acts as the residential place of all citizens of the platform. One of the most popular residents of Wiami is Jake Paul! How exciting is that?


It would be a lie to say that we have never imagined a world where concept vehicles are a reality. We may have not reached there yet in the real world but nothing stops us from imagining it. This digital web space makes space-age cars a reality. One of the most thrilling experiences offered by the platform includes gaining access to WILDER WHEELS and taking it out for a ride in the Metaverse.


Do you enjoy movies with mythical creatures and beasts? If yes, then this is the place for you. The BEASTS section in the Metaverse are digitally generated companions. Imagine going on an adventure with some of the most powerful creatures in the digital world.


These are ready-to-wear shoes or KICKS with exceptional gameplay abilities. All sneakerheads can get their hands on some of the most unique shoes that ever existed (only digitally).


WIAMI, like all cities in real life as well, is constantly under development. Using this section, you can contribute to the development process and build a facility of your preference.


This section is specially dedicated to futuristic hovercars. You can roam around WIAMI in one of the CRAFTS cars or take on the skies of digital land.



This is where all of the in-world creations and interactions by leading arts take place. GUILD is where you can create a personal NFT space and become one of the NFT elites.


Non-fungible tokens represent art in its true sense. Art knows no boundaries and NFTs have proven it. On the other hand, Wilder World is a platform with several opportunities for all NFT enthusiasts. With its extensive portfolio of modern artists contributing to its collection, Wilder World is the ideal place for your next NFT adventure.

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