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What Makes InMotion Hosting Different?

InMotion hosting has proven itself, time and again, to be a notch ahead of the rest and this is what it is so different from other hosting companies (as can be seen on this InMotion hosting review on CollectiveRay).  Businesses that have an established internet presence often require that their hosting infrastructure is strong enough to take on their daily activities.

There are also other hidden factors that call for keenness whenever one is looking for a hosting company. Here are some of the reasons it is better than other web hosting companies.

1. Fast Web Hosting

For any internet-based entity to thrive, it must have a solid performance and this is what you get to enjoy from InMotion Hosting. They have the best performance from their servers and loading times are several times faster as they use a solid state drive for their data storage.

As such, they will not leak any of your information and the customer is assured of easy access to the information on your servers. Any business web application that is hosted with them tends to respond much quicker than you’d expect and it is the reason new enhancements like custom server caching are introduced to make the performance of the servers exceptional.

The speed of their web hosting is also the reason many businesses choose to host with them as their customers receive their services with easy and in a timely manner. The speed means that more customers access a hosted website at the same time and this means that business is conducted in a more manageable way.

2. Secure Servers

Security is a matter of serious concern for many web businesses and your customers will be more confident and ready to conduct business operations with your website when it is secure. A secure hosting platform also means that all of your information will be hosted safely and securely thus preventing any of it from falling into the wrong hands. The security of the hosting platform is yet another factor that counts towards the choosing of InMotion as a hosting ground for many startups and businesses.

Apart from the servers being secure, their name servers being  there is also the network infrastructure that is also secured with the latest standards in web security and these are regularly updated with custom firewalls and DDoS protection using CDNs that keeps your websites safe. Security of the servers is what makes customers and business want to host their websites with InMotion as their information will not get leaked and they will be more confident with the hosting provider.

3. Ease of Use

A first time visitor to InMotion hosting will find it very easy to get started and the setup process is also very easy. The process of setting up is hassle free and there is a free website migrations service for customers that are coming in from other service providers. In the event that you’d like to build a new website for your business, there is a free website builder that operated on the basis of drag and drop and thus easy to use. Operating the hosting from scratch is easy and you will have a website up and operational in a very short time.

4. A Commitment to Open Source

The choice of software that a hosting service provider uses is very crucial to how secure and stable their services will be. As such, InMotion hosting has given open source software a priority and this assures the customers of great performance, effortless services and a community of developers to help with every step of the way. They are always there for you when you are hosting with them and in case you have a problem or are facing a challenge, they will be ready to give a helping hand where it is needed.

5. A Friendly Server Management

The hosting comes included with a free cPanel where you are able to easily manage your servers. This also means that your websites and web applications will be up and operational within a short while. In case you need to get behind the scenes in order to perform some upgrades and maintenance, the server management panel is all you need to be in control of the situation. This also ensures that your website is running and rendering services continuously without having pauses or interruptions in between.

These 5 factors are what makes InMotion Hosting exceptional and totally different from the rest of the pack. It is also the reason InMotion is so famous with incredible service provision that has seen to more businesses getting online and rendering services to their customers over the internet.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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