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What Javascript and React JS Experts Must Know

JavaScript continues to be the favorite programming language among developers. React.JS is usually the go-to framework for web and mobile front-end development for most experts. JavaSript experts can, within a day/two, learn everything they need to know about developing with React. That’s among the top reasons React JS is the most preferred framework on JavaScript. As more companies, including renowned ones like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Shopify, Instagram, and Airbnb, to mention a few, continue to favor the options, React JS developers‘ demand continues to soar.

Javascript and React JS Experts


If you are working to become among the top React JS developers, you’ve probably invested your time to learn JavaScript’s top skills. It is all in the basics, as that’s the foundation stone as you look to hone your JS skills. It would be best if you were well-versed with JS core language, asynchronous code, functions, networking, HTTP-based APIs, and the core JS program performance. From there, you can build your JS skills and master concepts from error handing, control flow, data models, bundling, to mention a few. The skills make it easier to navigate the field and learn more about JS as you scale the ladder.

As you learn the ropes, understanding how developer tools work is essential. It is recommendable to get acquainted with at least one set of developer tools. The tools come in handy as you debug issues and earn how existing systems on JS work. Once you get comfortable with a set of tools, you can easily diagnose bugs and examine application codes, enhancing your productivity.


As you strive to become a top React.JS developer, JS language fundamentals are essential. This is closely followed by understanding the ins-and-outs of the ES6. The top must-know for JS experts using React.JS experts while looking at ES6 are;

  • Arrays/objects
  • Functions/arrow functions
  • Array methods
  • Class and “this” keywords
  • Prototypal inheritance and object creation
  • DOM Manipulation and event handlers
  • Higher-order functions and callback functions
  • Variables and scoping

HTML and CSS are the other elements you need to understand to be a great JS and React.JS developer. JS requires such understanding, but as you work with React.JS, you won’t deal that much with HTML, rather JSX. Nonetheless, JSX looks a lot more like HTML, meaning that with HTML and CSS skills, you’ll find the process a lot more comfortable. Understanding the npm registry is the other overlooked yet essential skill that can supercharge your React.JS expertise. This is the cloud storage for packages referred to as dependencies; simply put, the npm registry is a software pool to help you build software.

The best part about using JS and React.JS for your web and mobile apps is that you get to enjoy an extensive pool of resources. Free online tutorials, blogs, Vlogs, among other resources, are readily available, which you can leverage to make the learning curve a lot more comfortable. You’ll also access a rich support community. Pro developers frequently make contributions to better the platforms, making them more flexible and stable. Even for the top JS and React.JS, there are always some exciting things to learn along the way. The best approach is to keep your eyes open and continuously learn to become one of the top React JS developers.

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