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What Is Vape Band For

When I notice someone on the street pouring away their vape tank for the first time, I just stopped for a moment and wondered like “Wow! It looks cool, bro!” I don’t know your thoughts, but that was definitely something to me! My second surprise was when I noticed Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo Di Caprio also doing vape with some dashing looking vape band.

A report by the World Health Organization states that the number of smokers has been decreased from 1.14 billion to about 1.1 billion globally from 2000 until now.

But the scenario is completely opposite when it comes to vaping.

When the celebrities started using a vape, there becomes a trend to use vape tank. You may wonder why am I encouraging someone to smoke? Well, you may misunderstand me. I am NOT talking about smoke, its vape.

We all love vapes, and I know you do love it too.

Vape Band

BBC reports that about seven million people around the world use vape. This amount increases to 35 million in 2016. The researchers of Euromonitor predict that this number will increase to about 55 million by 2021.

But we live in the busiest planet in this universe. We always travel with our vape tanks. Where do you prefer to keep them? Is it your handbag, backpack, bag or simply in your pocket? Wherever you put them, they are never safe. You may break your favorite vape tank unconsciously.  That’s why the vape bands are here!

So, what are vape bands?

Vape bands are nothing but a simple band. These bands are used to keep your vape tank safe from cracking. These little vape rings also make your tank looks super cool!

What are the materials of vape bands?

There are lots of vape tank bands are available with different materials. The most popular materials are –

  • Plastic
  • Silicon &
  • Rubber

The plastic and silicon made bands are most commonly used rings for vape tanks. However, nowadays the rubber made bands are also become most popular because of its gorgeous design, flexibility, and heat resistance facility. The plastic made rings are almost fixed, and there is a slight possibility of that ring might not suit with your tank. You should consider this fact deeply if you tend to gift a band to someone. The silicon and rubber made bands are a good choice for this situation.

Is there any benefit of using a vape band?

Traditionally vape tank bands are used to keep the vape free from cracking. But, there are plenty of other benefits of using those bands.

Want to know the best benefits? Here they are –

1. Work as a safeguard for your vape tanks and RTAs:

It might be the most popular usage of vape bands. You can put those rings on your tank. However, you should know the proper dimension of your vape tanks and RTAs before choosing the right band size. You may either measure the dimension, or you will find it on the cover.

When your vape gets any pressure from surroundings, the band consumes that pressure. Thus the bands keep your tank free from cracking.

2. Increase the “grip” of your gear:

Gripping is another issue for the vape tanks. Few tanks are round in size and very slippery. The manufacturing companies also make their vapes slippery to provide an upbeat outlook. So, you should be careful while using those slippery vapes.

If you use one of those slippery vapes, the vape rings will be your one and the only lifesaver. Place the band on your gripping point. It helps you to hold the tank properly and efficiently too.

3. Block the leak of your vape:

Leaking the vaping gear is a very common thing. In that situation, the bands will be your best companion to clock that leak. While you notice any leak on your band, put the band on that particular part. It blocks that leak, and you can enjoy a smoother vape! Doesn’t it make sense?

4. Use as the topper for E-Juice Bottle:

E-Juice or E-liquid is referring to those chemical mixtures that are used in different vapor products like vapes and e-cigarettes. These juice bottles are definitely something worth like the vape tanks for every vape users. But your homies must filch your favorite juice from time to time. The bands will help you to keep the special juice bottle out of their sight. Well, you must apply some tricks on there. Isn’t it homie?

5. Use a money clip:

Who doesn’t like to roll $$$ on the casinos? You may use your vape band to make your bundle rolling better. Even the blackjack also deals with the best roller. So, it could be definitely one of the best uses of vape ring.

Further, these bands keep your money tidier too. If you like to save your money in your home or other desks, bind them with your vape tank bands. You can also store your money block by block by using these bands. Further, you should save money to buy your favorite vape or E-juices. Each band is for each juice bottle! Isn’t it great?

6. Use it for diet:

That’s something interesting use of the bands. I know dieting is the hardest thing for all of the food lovers like us. So, what should we do now? Should we stop dieting or stop vaping?

Hell no!

You should never ever think about stop dieting. Why don’t you think of using your vape bands for your dieting? From the next morning, when you are gonna cook your breakfast, keep a band with you. Use that band to mold your breakfast cakes. Trust me; it will be the most delicious cake you have ever eat! These micro pancakes also help you to control your calorie consumptions. Isn’t it a win, win situation?!

What’s the bottom line?

Who thinks that small vape band could save your money, time, and also longer your tanks lifetime?

These vape bands are not just a gimmick. It can perform a number of functions to make your everyday life easier and smoother.

Why don’t you get a vape band right now!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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