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What Is the Difference Between DAM and CMS?

As the need for high-quality websites is increasing rapidly, site owners are regularly looking for ways to improve the look and feel. Various systems help in this regards and CMS, content management systems and the DAM digital asset management systems are the two popular ones.

Difference Between DAM and CMS

What are these systems?

The primary work of the content management system is to manage the editorial content of a site with the target to publish the content of websites, blogs or e-portals. The material may include images and videos along with the standard text.

The CMS provides the feature of placing different media content appealingly on a blog or site. The cms system is a viral tool that is widely used across the globe. It helps in creating a website that is appealing to the viewer.

The enterprise digital asset management system or DAM, however, helps to organize all content in media file format which could include photos, videos, presentations, etc.

Difference between the two systems

Many people get confused between the CMS and DAM systems and consider them to be same however they are entirely different. The features and tasks that a content management system provides cannot be availed from a DAM system and vice-versa. Both the systems can manage media, and this is where the confusion starts.

The features of the two system compliments each other well. To be able to efficiently communicate with the online viewers, you need to have content that is finished and in the best of quality. The use of both the systems in parallel helps you get the standards that you desire. When used in parallel, the digital asset management can use the media library of the content management system to construct media content that is effective.

On a broader note, the CMS and the DAM system have different purposes. CMS is used when the publication of editorial content is needed whereas DAM is more of a technology used to manage media files effectively and efficiently.

Integrating the two systems is not a complicated task however the requirements of the organization must be taken care before choosing to go ahead with the combination.

Few important points to remember

With the increasing number of people becoming aware of digital asset management systems, there is an increase in choices. Finding an Excellent Digital Asset Management Software is essential to get the results that you desire. The media files used with DAM system are called assets because the organization spends a considerable amount, time, research, effort and money to build them. A good system can help you get the best results and save you lot of time and efforts. However, a poor one may affect the user interface considerably hence a careful choice becomes inevitable. When looking for such a system, compare prices and consider your cost and requirements, however, make sure that you are getting enough features to build the site that you are looking to have. Reviews and information available over the internet can help you make the right choices in this regards.

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