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What is SVG file and How to Make SVG Craft?

A file with an extension of SVG is a Scalable Vector Graphics file. Files of this format use an XML text format to demonstrate how the image will appear in actual. As the text will describe the graphic, the SVG is scaled to several sizes without loss of quality. In simple words, this format is independent from resolution. This is the reason why site and print graphics are created in SVG form, so you can easily resize them to suit different designs as and when needed.

SVG file and How to Make SVG Craft

When you compress a SVG file, the file has an extension of .SVGZ and is reduced by 50 to 80 percent in size.

How to open SVG File?

The simplest and fastest way to open SVG file is for viewing purpose and not editing purpose is via web browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge. All the browsers of your computer render support to SVG format. It means one can open svg files online without downloading them initially.

However, if you already have a SVG file on your desktop, you can also use your web browser as an offline SVG viewer. You can also open the SVG files by using shortcut key (Ctrl+O).

SVG files are also made by Adobe Illustrator and you can use it to open your SVG files too. Some of the Adobe software which renders SVG files support are SVG kit for Adobe which includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop Elements and In Design software.

But how do you create SVG file for crafts? There are several ways to create beautiful crafts for different purpose in SVG format. One of them is mentioned below:

  1. Make a drawing with your hands and outline the shape you wish to cut.
  2. Trace it well with a black marker on the drawing sheet
  3. Scan your drawing and Ctrl+O in InkScape
  4. Change colors and remove the background first.
  5. Shift the vector image from Select tool box and delete your scanned picture.
  6. Now use Nodes edit tool to edit the vector image
  7. Adjust the shapes if they have holes.
  8. With the select tool, click in the vector image center so that all the holes are well-suited. Click delete.
  9. It will give you the outline of the complete shape of line drawing.
  10. Do editing if you want via Nodes edit tool.
  11. Save the file in .svg format.
  12. Just upload the file on Circuit Design and get the shape you desire.

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