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What is Paylines in Slots?

In this section, we will try to answer the most popular questions of the gambling society. A lot of people really wonder about the Paylines, and we thought that it would be really helpful to describe and explain the paylines in detail.

Paylines in Slots

As all of you know, to win at online slots, you need to form a specific figure with the same number or icons, for example, the most usual payline is the 5 straight sectors in one line in the middle of the screen. And if you get five of them straight with the same number or icon you will receive a decent win.

Types of Paylines in Slot Games

However, paylines may vary in their shape of figure. It could be a straight line on the top, a straight line on the bottom. But, you still need to form five figures in a row. Moreover, paylines could have a zigzag shape. The most popular shapes of the paylines are the following:

  • Straight shape in the middle of the screen – as the most common and usual shape of the payline;
  • Straight lines on the bottom and top of the screen – also occur oftenly at the slot machines;
  • Different zigzag shapes – they occur occasionally on the slot machines, if you set up the multiple paylines.

In the zigzag shape, you will need to search for the figures in the different parts of the slots machines. But, you do not need to unite them on yourself, the system will automatically detect the winnings.

Number of Paylines in Online Slots

The most specific thing, and probably, the most important one about the paylines is that you may have the option to set several paylines at one time, this will significantly increase the chances of winnings. There are some strategies, where players set as many paylines as possible and pay a decent amount of money as the bet, and wait for the big win, if it occurs, the pot would be really significant, and it can make you rich in just one spin. But, most of the players prefer to set one or few paylines,in order to maintain the gambling possibility with low odds for a significant amount of time.

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