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What Is Google Business Profile & Why Do I Need It?

Google My Business is a complete reference. A few years ago, when searching for a cafe or restaurant, Google users ended up on Tripadvisor or similar resources. However, today you don’t even have to leave Google: everything is right in the search results. This is good for business owners as well. Now you can focus your SEO efforts on one source. Doing it right will help you improve your search engine rankings, recommendations, and Google Maps. So. here in this article let’s know more about what Is google business profile optimization & why do I need it?

What Is Google Business Profile

What Is Google Business Profile & Why Do I Need It?

Google My Business is a free tool for businesses where businesses can create their profile. Google will use it for a relevant search query. Google My Business offers many options that can positively influence your SEO strategy. However, most businesses only use the tool to communicate with customers. In particular, they indicate contacts, and work hours, add photos and videos of places and receive feedback from users.

The relevance of a business is determined by its relevance to the search query. To improve relevancy, use exact match keywords and choose the right business category when creating your profile.

Remoteness is determined by the distance from the user (logically, yes). At the same time, it will change depending on the frequency of business location. For example, for cafes and restaurants, a district will be considered close, and for an antique shop, a whole city, because they are much less common than cafes.

Fame is determined by the number of reviews, the presence of fresh photos, posts in the account, the fullness of the profile and many other factors. Now that we have know about what is google business profile & why do I need it? is we are going to know…

Why is the new Google Business Profile important?

This is a free account that helps you manage your business profile on Google. It contains information about the company (physical address, phone, opening hours, photos, reviews, etc.) and is displayed in search results in one of three options:

  • Card to the right of the main results;
  • Google maps;
  • Local issuance block (Local Pack) before organic issuance.

A GMB account provides several important benefits. So, see below why Google Business Profile important…


More than 80 percent of people search the Internet for local business data. Help them quickly find out reliable information (what does the store look like when it closes, does it have a website), because you control them yourself. For example, you can clarify that you are temporarily not providing certain services, working on holidays, or servicing clients with special needs.

Trust and Loyalty:

Accurate and timely communication builds brand loyalty and increases the chances that consumers will turn to you. According to statistics, people are 70 percent more likely to visit organizations registered with the GMB.

Improvement of Positions In The Search:

In particular, for requests tied to a specific place (“veterinary clinic in New York”, “vegetarian cafe in Madrid”). According to statistics, a GMB account is the main factor influencing search results. These cards usually appear above organic results.

How to set up Google Business Profile?

You will need a Google business account to sign up. If you don’t have one, go to Gmail, select “Create an account” and click “To manage your business” from the drop-down menu. So, see below how to set up google business profile…

Step 1:

Sign in to Google My Business, create an account, and enter your business name. It is not recommended to add keywords to it: the name must match the real name of the business and not contain additional indications of goods or services.

Step 2:

Select a category from the proposed list, that is, the area in which you work. If none fit, go for the nearest one.

Step 3:

Specify a location. If you have an address where customers come (shop, cafe, clinic, car wash), add it. If you are visiting people yourself (delivering pizza, washing windows, walking dogs), check the service area.

Step 4:

Enter contact details: phone numbers and the address of the site or page in social networks.

Step 5:

Add a description: tell us what you sell, what is useful, what are your goals and principles. Use keywords that potential customers will search for you. Check your work schedule.

Step 6:

Verify your account by choosing one of the following methods:

  • Letter (delivery may take from several days to several weeks);
  • Phone call;
  • Email.

When you receive a message with a verification code, select “Verify location” in the account menu and enter the code.

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