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What is EHS and How Can Your Organization Leverage It?

Safety is becoming a key pillar for organizations across the globe. Where it was previously predominantly important in resources, construction, air bnb management and similar industries, it now becomes relevant to all. This is accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in organizations taking additional measures to ensure a safe work environment. Although increasingly relevant, what is EHS exactly? In this article, we will dive into this system and what it can mean for organizations.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Software

The term EHS stands for Environmental Health and Safety and can be used for lots of different use cases. Below we provide three examples of Capptions, a leader in the field, who provide a strong EHS.

Safety Checklists at Hand

When it comes to specialized work, safety checklists make sure that people are complying with the rules and ensure a safe workplace. Especially in dangerous situations, this is important to comply with. Organizations can create checklists and host them in the EHS. Employees can quickly look them up and follow them step-by-step.

Protocols for COVID-19

Making sure that employees comply with the protocols and rules set in the COVID-19 pandemic is of crucial importance. EHS software can inform employees about these rules and can also provide self-assessments for employees to follow if they are sick. Next to that, it helps to monitor the safety measures taken at work. For example, offices have special signage present to guide workers through the building. In case something is wrong with the signage (e.g. removed), an incident can be created and the organization can quickly follow up.

Centralized Processes

Instead of a decentralized organization with different processes per department, the software can be leveraged to create standardized processes. This helps to become more efficient and be able to measure the effectiveness of the process across the organization. Where some organizations are still leveraging paper, moving to an EHS can eliminate this and host all the data in the application. This increases transparency and helps to learn from previous cases and incidents.

Monitoring Capability for the Organization

All the data that is gathered by the application can be displayed in a dashboard. This dashboard can be visible to all employees or management only. It helps to create a holistic view of what is happening across the organization. Ranging from safety checklists followed to the incidents reported and self-assessment checks conducted. The state of the business can be analyzed and further improved.

Better to Audit for External Parties

In some industries, regular audits are a must. When you have a centralized EHS, it helps you and the auditing company to conduct the audit. All data is available centrally and all logs are present to create a thorough analysis. This will not only make an audit more effective but also faster (and thus lower in costs).

Capptions is a leader in the field of EHS and has created a strong application that can be leveraged across your organization. If you are considering such a system, make sure to visit their website and learn about what it entails.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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