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What Is A Knowledge Base And The Advantages Of Having One

These days, customers have no patience and want to get answers to their questions as soon as possible. This is especially true for those that do most of their shopping online. Having access to all the information that a customer may have certainly helps when the live chat is unable to respond immediately.

What Is A Knowledge Base And The Advantages Of Having One

When all things are taken into consideration, it should not be a stretch to say that having a knowledge base on your website should be one of your priorities. It improves your overall services immensely.

If you are worried about the difficulty of developing one on your own, worry not. You can find all the information on how to build a knowledge base on HeroThemes website. But before you get started on it, you should consider reading and getting a better understanding of what a knowledge base is and why you need one.

Defining the Term 

Just like the name suggests, a knowledge base is one big hub for all the information of a business. Having something like that available in one place, which is usually a website, enriches customer experience as well as make your employees’ work easier.

There is specific software that allows you to build a knowledge base from scratch, and you can find one that costs absolutely nothing. The most common examples of a knowledge base could be:

  • Forum or community on social media platforms or even Discord. It is quite great in the sense that your customers build a community themselves and are able to discuss the problems and other things live. Having an official representative of a company moderating these discussions is a great way to connect with your audience as well as provide answers as soon as possible.
  • Guide, tutorials, and infographics are also quite popular and can be found on various channels, like YouTube. It usually comes down to what kind of business you have. Something that requires technical knowledge is a good example.
  • An FAQ page might seem like an outdated notion, but they are still pretty prominent and can be of good use if you include relevant information and keep it updated all the time.

It is worth mentioning that most companies do not stick to just a single of these and try to have as many different kinds as it really helps when people are looking for the information in their preferred way.

Happy Customers

What Is A Knowledge Base And The Advantages Of Having One

The first and the biggest advantage of a great knowledge base is how much happiness it provides to customers. Every company should strive to constantly improve their customer service because they depend on these people to make money.

Like already mentioned, it can get annoying when you have to wait for an answer even if someone is available on live chat but cannot respond due to the number of requests.

Happy customers mean an increase in their retention as well. It is rather difficult to find someone who would be willing to purchase from you all the time, so if there is anything you can do in that regard, you ought to work hard.

Proactive Approach 

If you expect to make a name for yourself by being passive and waiting for the problem to arise before you fix it, get rid of this mentality immediately.

It is all about being proactive these days. Meet your customers’ expectations before it is too late. Try to predict what could be the next problem on the list. Solve it and show that you are ahead of everyone.

Consistency in Customer Support 

What Is A Knowledge Base And The Advantages Of Having One

A knowledge base is available 24/7. People can access the information at any given time, from any device. Well, that is to be expected nowadays, but you would be surprised how many businesses still tend to neglect this part.

This is especially useful for those that have international customers. And if your knowledge base is of high-quality, every single one of your customers will get to experience that.

Lessen the Load on Your Customer Support Department 

Even if you have enough workers in the customer support department, you should still look to be more efficient and make their lives easier. When someone is able to access information on their own and not bother the customer support rep, it leaves more time to take care of others matters. Not to mention the fact that overworking your employees is not something you want to do. 

Employee Training

What Is A Knowledge Base And The Advantages Of Having One

A knowledge base is not something just for the customers. It is a source of knowledge for employees as well, something akin to a training manual. Both new and experienced workers will have an easily accessible guide that they can rely on. And if you ensure that this guide is updated all the time, you ought to be perfectly fine.

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