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What Impact Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Have On Society?

Artificial intelligence can dramatically improve the efficiency of workplaces and increase the amount of work that humans can do. When AI takes on repetitive or dangerous tasks, it frees up personnel to do the work where they are better equipped – for example, tasks that require creativity and empathy. Moreover, if people do the work that is genuinely interesting to them, the level of happiness and job satisfaction will be much higher.

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With improved monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, artificial intelligence has the potential to affect healthcare significantly. AI can reduce operating costs and save money by improving the performance of healthcare facilities and healthcare organizations. According to McKinsey estimate, big data can save medicine and pharmaceuticals up to $100 billion a year. The real impact will be on patient care. The ability to create personalized treatment plans, medication protocols and provide healthcare personnel will be life changing with access that is more convenient to all the important data.

Our society will gain countless hours of productivity only through the introduction of autonomous transportation and artificial intelligence affecting our traffic congestion problems. People can spend their time in a different, more efficient way, by freeing themselves from stressful commuting.

Furthermore, the way of detecting criminal activity and solving crimes could be improved by artificial intelligence. Facial recognition technology is becoming as ubiquitous as fingerprints. The use of artificial intelligence in the justice system also provides many opportunities to figure out how to use technology effectively without violating human privacy.

Expected that AI as a whole have more positive than negative impacts on society, while many learning experiences and challenges will be faced, as technology is introduced into new applications.

AI in all activities

Today, robotics is used in a wide variety of factories, while human labor fades into the background due to the optimization of work processes.

The agriculture sector has also undergone automation – the cultivation and harvesting of the land are done independently.

A few years ago, 3D printers were an innovation, organs and bones were printed for people with their help. Nowadays, 3D printers have developed increasingly and thanks to them, a completely residential block was built for people in Mexico who don’t have a roof over their head.

The new model of aviation also excites scientists. They are working to create the fastest taxi – a vertical flight air taxi. Today it is the key goal for well-known corporations.

Easy and fast travel is possible. To move between cities and countries, the humankind will resort to the use of a magneto plane, and Elon Musk is already taking the first steps towards creating a vacuum travel tunnel – a hyperloop.

How to avoid road deaths and make traveling safer? Use autopilot! And, if every vehicle has a magnetic field, then road accidents will become impossible. Today, five level drones are already a reality in world laboratories.

Alternative energy sources will replace oil and gas products. And not only because oil tends run out and pollute the planet, but also because the energy of the sun, wind, and ocean tide are infinite, safe in the context of ecology, cheaper to extract, and practically does not require operating costs.

Can you imagine a public domain library of world heritage? The new vector of development excludes private property as such. All resources and high technologies should be available to absolutely everyone, and in addition, do not have one specific owner.

Water scarcity problem and aquatic ecology can be solved with the help of domes that will cover the ocean. This is where the condensate will occur, and the ocean itself will be filled with houseboats, equipped with robots to clean water from debris.

It is safe to say that AI will expand our capabilities and change the world. Moreover, it cannot be stopped. AI is becoming a vital business tool rapidly in almost every industry.

Technology takes away a large part of human life. This is a future that has already happened and we all have to accept it. Everyone can contribute to the AI development, only a beginning is needed where you can implement your idea. This was the beginning of the Lifeasapa organization.

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