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What CRM Can Offer to Improve Your Customer Service

It is not difficult to guess that almost every company primary concern is customer service. If you care about the number of your return customers, your target should be building a long-term relationship with your clientele. The customer is always right, but the happy customer has no intention to clarify who is right. And definitely, you will be right if you introduce a CRM that allows you to improve your customer service and keep it under control.

The right CRM will provide your team with the tools and information which they need to provide better service. Typically CRM is used as a tool for sales, but in general, it can also improve the level and quality of service and interactions you have with your clients. We at IDAP have a vast experience in developing custom CRM systems.

Let’s clarify the best ways CRM can improve your customer service.

  1. Instant Access to Communication History

The right CRM keeps all contacts, requests, and e-mails in one place. You can get to know every customer’s situations right on the spot. Clarify the latest claims and if they got resolved. Any new employee, who has just joined your team, will be able to jump and view important messages and the whole communication picture. They will immediately know what was discussed when it was discussed and what their next step should be.

With the help of CRM, you can build your own customers database. Even if these people did not order from you before, you could include them in your company’s newsletters, sales campaigns or other initiatives. You can also segment the customers and address only those you need with the right information they will be interested in. You can change the status of each customer, and with the help of some markers, you will learn some quick essential details about them without the necessity to click on their profile.

  1. Ability to Keep Your Promises

“I’ll call you back,” “I will get back to you later,” “I’ll write you an e-mail,” – what other phrases that were never followed by any actions do you know? With the help of CRM, you will always keep your promises. It provides an easy way for you to create follow up reminders. Make sure you mark a certain customer’s request with the right color or sign to know you have to get back to them. CRM helps you follow through with your promises and never miss an opportunity.

A notification is a good idea not only for your employees but customers as well. Many CRMs can automatically notify a customer when their request has been processed, submitted or resolved. This makes your customers feel they were heard and their inquiries handled promptly.

  1. Assigning Tasks to Right People

Assigning Tasks to Right PeopleImagine you have a lot of unsolved issues before vacation and no way to complete them before you leave. From the list of unsolved problems in your CRM, you can assign the employees to resolve any of them. The person will get notified, and in front of that reassigned task, the name of the new responsible person will appear. Thus, you will know who is in charge of which task. This option will also help to prevent certain confusion when two people are trying to solve on and the same issue an one time.

  1. Order And Payment Information

Order And Payment Information CRMAbility to view the order and payment history will help your team to know what products were previously ordered by some certain customers and use this information next time they plan a new sale. You can offer discounted prices or similar products based on the information you know. Thus, you can get to know your customers better and provide them with more targeted goods.

  1. Identify Common Issues And Problems

Using CRM helps you not only improve the relationship with your customers but also improve the general level of service you provide. By tracking customers’ requests and feedbacks, you can quickly identify the areas for improvement. Some employees are rude, usability on your website is awkward, the system has got some bugs, there are hard-to-find-buttons on the website – all these issues require a staff response and further elimination.

Today people became more social and talkative in general. They like feeling the authority to give a piece of advice, recommendation or feedback. The love sharing the information whether it is negative or positive in social networks and their Facebook pages. The share their opinion as if each of them is a real expert. So, all you have to do is to listen to your customers. If you want to a step forward on what is hot and what is not, let your customers speak.

One of the easiest ways to do it is to ask your customers for their opinion. You can send them a standard survey via your CRM, ask them about specific product or service you provide and analyze the received information. Let them know you care and are trying to make their experience better. Attention has no price.


With a sensible and targeted approach, CRM becomes a reliable way to build an exceptional customer experience. CRM provides your business and technology with a powerful tool that not only improves your customer service but the general quality of service you provide. Using a proper CRM, you can improve the work of the whole team as well as of each certain employee. CRM helps you to do the following:

  • Track an individual history of each customer and their orders information
  • Create personal relationships
  • Listen more attentively to customers’ needs
  • Offer your customers what they want
  • Allow your customers to speak and be heard
  • Provide attentive and quick support
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue
  • Keep up with the customer needs
  • Monitor the effectiveness
After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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