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What Can You Do With A Degree In B.Tech Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace engineering is the specialized training in designing, testing, manufacturing, and development of launch vehicles and rocket propulsion systems such as aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, jets, helicopters, and missiles. Students opting for aerospace engineering have two options- aeronautical engineer or astronautical engineers.

Aircraft that flies within the earth’s atmosphere is manufactured by the aeronautical engineers who also work on launch vehicles that go into space. They both come under the domain of aerospace engineering. This blog will take you through the career opportunities that you can consider after pursuing a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering.

Aerospace Engineering

  • Aerospace engineers:If you are interested in designing and building machines that fly, then this career may be the right choice for you. Aerospace engineers design, test and manage the manufacturing of spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and aircraft. Their job is to make sure that the prototype works properly and try to incorporate updated technologies in their designs for aviation and defence systems.
  • Military Aerospace Engineer:They have to direct research programs and design military aircraft and aerospace equipment and serve as aviation technical specialists in air warfare research projects. Military aerospace engineer supervise aircraft projects from designing, manufacturing to the evaluation of experimental equipment.
  • Aerospace inspector and Compliance Officer:They have to examine and evaluate the work and safety guidelines for aerospace bodies. They are responsible for examining the specifications of the machinery through blueprints and models and inspect the equipment for quality and function. They make necessary recommendations for potential changes and write reports on their findings.
  • Thermal design engineer:As a thermal engineer, you have to create, maintain, and repair mechanical systems that involve the conversion of different forms of energy into heat inside the aerospace launch vehicles. Their job is to analyse how mechanical heat sources interact with different physical and industrial systems in a safe environment.
  • Payload or Mission Specialist:Specialist who are trained in handling and operating highly classified and complex equipment to be carried on-board to conduct experiments into the space come under this domain. They advise the shuttle operator on the necessary steps to be taken during a particular experiment while overseeing the operations.
  • Data Processing Manager:This job role requires managerial skills where you have to supervise teams comprising of engineers, technicians, computer specialists, scientists, and other supporting experts. They have to determine scientific and technical goals with a broader perspective to make advances in basic scientific research.
  • Aerospace Technician:Operating and maintaining the equipment used in developing, testing, producing, and sustaining aircraft and spacecraft is the responsibility of an aerospace technician. Their work is critical when it comes to preventing the failure of key parts of any launch vehicles which is about to fly into space.

You can consider a career in B. tech aerospace engineering in diverse sectors such as in air force, aeronautical laboratories, corporate research companies, airlines, defence ministry, aviation companies, flying clubs, aircraft manufacturers and even with NASA. To thrive in this sector, students require strong analytical skills with a responsible attitude.

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