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What Are the Subjects in Class 12 Commerce Stream?-Class 12 Commerce Updated Syllabus?

The central board of secondary education is soon to announce the date sheet for class 12th. But students are already anxious about it. The people who want to choose Class 12 Commerce as their stream want to know what their subjects are. The report says that there is no big change in syllabus and subjects. Accountancy, business studies, mathematics, and Economics are those major subjects that you will study in your class 12 commerce stream.


If you are already on with your 12th Commerce Tution Classes, you should know about the subjects you will read. This will help you complete your prep for class 12th commerce exams. If you are anxious to know about the crucial subjects, here is the detailed syllabus for class 12 commerce.


Class 12 commerce introduces you to the world of business. And accountancy is that subject which strengthens your skills and is fundamental in business. The complete curriculum of accountancy revolves around various prospects of businesses. It helps you know about the recording of business transactions and preparing financial statements.

Further, if you are opting for commerce, you get the option to choose company accounts or financial statements as your subject. The whole syllabus for accountancy divides into two parts. Part A is the same, while Part B is different.

Business studies 

Business studies is a subject in class 12 commerce that helps you prepare yourself to evaluate the changes that affect a business. In this subject, you will discover how to manage the core operations and resources of a business.

The syllabus of business studies segments into three parts. It includes principles and functions of management, business finance, project work, and marketing.


Economics in commerce is a vast subject. It helps you know the various concepts of economics. But in class 12th commerce, you will learn about the basic concepts and fundamentals of economics. You will learn about the development of economic reasoning. Further, this subject enables you to use the concepts in your daily life as well. As a worker, citizen of India, or consumer, you can use your life concepts.

On the other hand, economics in commerce also introduces you to those basic tools to evaluate economic issues. In class 12 commerce, the economic syllabus divides into three units. And that is introductory microeconomic Part A, Introductory Microeconomic part B, and project work. The 1st part of the microeconomics stresses consumer equilibrium, producer behavior, supply, price determination, and many more.

Similarly, the second part stresses on national income, money, banking, and related aggregates.


The syllabus of class 12 commerce mathematics helps students to know the reasons for solving a problem. So, while learning mathematics in class 12th commerce, you will enhance a positive attitude to articulate with all the logic. Class 12 commerce mathematics segments into six units. It includes relation and functions, algebra, vectors, calculus, three-dimensional geometry, linear programming, probability, and many more.

In conclusion, this is all about the class 12 commerce subject and syllabus. If you opt for commerce in your class 12, make sure you are giving all your time to studies. The vast syllabus requires determination in preparation.

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