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What are the Simple Ways of Bypassing iPhone Activation Lock?

Most of the iPhone users face problems on iPhone activation at least once in their lifetime. ICloud activation lock relates to a security feature to protect the smart phone from any unauthorized usage of data in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Bypassing iPhone Activation Lock

However, Ifyou purchase a second-hand iPhone or simply forget the check the iCloud. In such case, you will need to look five ways in which the iPhone activation lock can be bypassed.

Following are some of the simple ways in which you can bypass activation lock.

  1. The payment method

There are hundreds of websites online which claim to bypass the activation lock free of cost. Although some of them might be reliable, some are scams. Therefore, you have to do your inspection. Be cautious when approaching free of cost online tools. However, you can also rely on paid tools. Go through customer review and track records of such paid tools. Using paid tools will enable you to bypass the iPhone activation lock.

  1. Try free trial versions

There are many tools for bypass iPhone activation lock that are paid but gives you a free trial for a small period of time. Before committing yourself to purchase such tool, you can simply use it for free. Download such tools, go through the tutorials and get familiarized with the unlocking process. Using the trial version means you do not have to pay anything for easily bypassing the activation lock of your iCloud.

  1. Request the original owner to unlock

One of the reasons why you may face such an issue is purchasing a second-hand iPhone which is already used by another user. In such an event, you may contact the original owner to unlock it. The entire process can be done by the original owner. However, if the original owner has forgotten the password, then he may need to reset the passwords by either answering the security questions or resetting the password through email.

  1. Get in touch with the customer support

In case you cannot find any other method to bypass the activation lock, then you can get in touch with the customer support. In such case, you will either have to prove ownership of the iPhone or show that the ownership was transferred to your from the original owner, as the case may be. Customer support will guide you through the process through which you can bypass the activation lock.

  1. Use DNS

DNS, which stands for Domain Name System, can be used for bypassing iCloud. There is no need for a SIM card to follow this method. All you have to do is turn on the device, choose the WIFI network, tap the configure DNS and add a server. Then you must choose the WIFI network again. This will enable the iPhone to activate. During such time, click on the back button and go again to the WIFI page and log into it. Once you are logged in, a message to the effect of successful bypass will appear. This is a different method that a lot of people are not aware about.

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