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What are the Latest Trends in Swimming Pool Technology in 2022?


If you have a swimming pool, then you know that it’s an investment in both time and money. For this reason, it makes sense to be on the lookout for new technologies that will help keep your pool clean and efficient such as pool vacuum or pool heaters. Here are some of the most exciting new developments:

Swimming Pool Technology

Saltwater pools

Saltwater pools are a great option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a saltwater pool while maintaining a standard chlorine-injection system. The key difference between these two types of systems is that in a saltwater system, calcium chloride is added instead of chlorine gas and uses solar-powered UV lights to disinfect the water. These UV lights kill bacteria in your pool within minutes and allow you more time between chemical additions.

However, there are some downsides to this method as well: firstly, maintenance costs tend to be higher than with traditional systems; secondly, adding too much calcium chloride can cause scaling on your pipes and equipment; thirdly (and most importantly), unless you have an automatic test kit for checking your pH levels regularly (which will run about $100 per month), monitoring those levels can be quite difficult without assistance from someone who knows what they’re doing

Variable-speed pumps

Variable-speed pumps are more efficient than fixed-speed pumps — they can save you money by reducing your energy costs. These motors only run at the speed necessary to deliver water, which means they don’t waste energy by constantly running at full capacity. They’re also useful for smaller pools with limited water circulation needs, as they will only move around enough water to keep the pool clean and safe without wasting energy on unnecessary volume.

It’s important that variable-speed pumps work in conjunction with other technologies like salt chlorination systems or UV purification devices so that you can achieve healthy results without compromising efficiency.

Ecobubble technology

Ecobubble technology is a new way to sanitize your pool.

The ecobubble system uses a vortical mixing system to create an aerobic environment in the water, which promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria that break down contaminants such as dirt, oils and sweat. This avoids the use of traditional chlorine systems with their harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and cause other health problems.

In addition, ecobubbles are more efficient than traditional chlorine systems because they don’t evaporate as easily or require constant replenishment (unlike saltwater alternatives). They also take less effort than manually cleaning filters since there is less residue from dirt or oils left behind after each use—making it easy for you to enjoy a clean pool every time!

Pool covers

Pool covers are an alternative to traditional pool fencing and can help you with a number of different things.

  • Prevent evaporation and heat loss: If your pool has a cover, the water will stay warmer for longer periods of time. This is particularly important when you have children or pets who would like to use the pool but don’t have time to heat it back up again every time they want to swim.
  • Control algae growth: Algae growth can be reduced by keeping sunlight out of your swimming area, which is a benefit that most types of cover offer. It also helps prevent debris from being blown into your pool while it’s uncovered, which can cause scratches in your liner or filter system.

There are many cutting-edge technologies for your pool.

There are many cutting-edge technologies for your pool.

  • Saltwater pools – This is a system that removes the chlorine from your pool, replacing it with salt and minerals to produce an electrolyte balance similar to that found in natural ocean water. This helps reduce irritation and allergic reactions to the eyes, nose, throat and skin and can also help prevent rashes and dry skin among swimmers.
  • Variable-speed pumps – These pumps use less energy than conventional ones while providing increased circulation around the entire perimeter of your pool rather than just in one area at a time. This results in more even heating of all areas of water within your swimming pool so you can enjoy warmer temperatures without risking overheating some spots while others remain cold or cool due to uneven heating by ordinary equipment like traditional models use today!
  • Ecobubble technology – This type uses air bubbles instead of chemicals to sanitize water so no more scrubbing required since there’s no need for them anymore either way since they’re both gone together as one unit now too! This means no more long hours spent trying not only cleaning up after yourself but also worrying about what might happen next.”


The future of swimming pools is bright. There are many cutting-edge technologies for your pool, and new ones are being developed every day. Thanks to the work of innovative companies like Swimline, you can have a high-tech pool that’s more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable than ever before!


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