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What are the Different Kinds of Interior Doors

Interiors doors are one of the most important design elements you can add to your home. Despite the fact that we open and close these ubiquitous doors on a daily basis, we hardly seem to appreciate the style which interior doors add into our home. Hinge doors can be seen in most of the conventionally styled houses. Although hinge doors are the most common type of interior doors used inside houses, there are some other types of doors as well which can be used to style your home differently. You can check them out on

Different Kinds of Interior Doors

Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors are a perfect pick for tiny homeowners as they do not limit style to space limitations. Pocket doors are highly compact and the best part is that they can slide neatly and swiftly into the wall without any mess or effort.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors another amazing pick for homeowners who want to take a different path to interior styling. Sliding doors are available in two major types; the typical sliding doors which usually open to the deck but you can use them indoors instead. This type of doors is often referred to as modern or clean-lined interior sliding doors. The second type is the barn door in which you can hang the hardware above the doorway. This type of sliding doors leans industrial.

Pivot Doors

If you love minimalist interior door designs, pivot doors are the best pick for you. In this type of interiors door, hinges are present at the bottom and top which allow the pivot door to swing open in a specific frame area. This simple-looking type of door is very chic, especially when you want the door to take up lesser space while you move it.

Double Doors

Double doors add an element of grandeur in any house. Who does not love to be welcomed out of the room into the majestic living room whilst dealing with his morning scuffle? Double doors instantly add a sense of gravitas inside any home.

Accordion Doors:

If the matter of dividing larger spaces is in question, Accordion doors are the best option for many homeowners. The best thing about this type of doors is that they can sandwich together neatly at one end. These doors have multiple panels.

Bifold Doors:

Two doors which are hinged together and can fold into one another are called bifold doors. Mounted on a track, these types of doors provide a purposeful look to space. Bifold doors are usually used in spaces like pantry, closets and laundry rooms.

Roller Doors:

Also known as sectional overhead doors, roller doors are an important type of interior door which is highly purposeful. The provide security with ease of use. Commonly used in warehouses and garages, roller doors can also be added inside the home to give a chic look to space, such as living room. Roller doors can also be used to separate outdoor spaces such as a deck or garden from interior living space.

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