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What Are the Best Free Apps to Learn Spanish?

Isn’t it amazing how rapidly the craze to learn Spanish has escalated? As per Forbes, more than 559 people speak Spanish globally, and the U.S has the second largest population of Spanish-speaking people. It makes us wonder if it’s easier to learn Spanish, and if yes, what are the best apps to learn Spanish for free.

Best Free Apps to Learn Spanish

Before we proceed, just think about how learning Spanish can offer value. First, your resume would be richer with the added language knowledge. You will be valued more in the workplace if you are multilingual. It will allow you to converse more effectively with native Spanish speakers if you master the language. You can visit a Spanish-speaking nation and immerse yourself in its culture.

Your understanding of Spanish allows you to get vital insights that monolinguals cannot. There are an overwhelming number of paid and free apps across the internet that can help you learn Spanish. However, not everyone wants to spend money to learn the language. We have handpicked the best free Spanish learning apps from the list to get you started.

Best Free Apps to Learn Spanish

The prime benefit of using an app to learn a new language is that you can enhance your grasp at your convenience. If you want to learn Spanish free of cost, then peruse this section of the best language apps to learn Spanish. You can choose the app that fits your suitability.

#1: Duolingo

One of the prime features that you must look for in a language learning app is that it should solve your purpose of learning a new app. And when the app is free, it doubles your enthusiasm. Duolingo solves both purposes. All you would need is to sign up with your email, and you are good to go!

Duolingo keeps track of which lessons you finish and gives you feedback on how well you did in each one so it can change accordingly. As your Spanish abilities improve, Duolingo becomes increasingly difficult. But that is the exciting and stimulating part since it helps you get a better grasp on learning the language.

Everyone can use Duolingo for free. However, because it is ad-supported, advertising will frequently interrupt your training.

You may upgrade to Duolingo Plus if you don’t want to view adverts. The exercises in Duolingo will help you improve your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. You may also listen to free podcasts and read free articles in this app.

#2: Busuu

If you are looking for a free Spanish learning app that uses audio, video, and text, the Busuu is a must-checkout language app for you. The easy-to-follow segments will help you get a quicker learning experience. The free plan in Busuu lets you learn one language for free.

How is Busuu different? It allows you to practice with native Spanish speakers (but you will find this in premium version). For advanced Spanish skills, consider its premium plans.

#3: Mondly

If you are a beginner, Mondly would be a great choice. This app is great for basic skills and is free to use. Before moving to an advanced level, you can use Mondly to brush up on your Spanish basics. The free edition only includes very little material, but it’s useful for getting a feel for how the app works.

Mondly keeps track of your learning data to see how far you’ve come. The courses are simple to follow and include both vocabulary and grammar. You may study Spanish through augmented and virtual reality. What’s more, is that Mondly can work at your speed with ease.

#4: Beelinguapp

Get your Spanish reading basics right with Beelinguapp. It has a free and premium version (supported with apps) and has basic content. The main aim of the app is to improve your Spanish reading skills. You will find texts, novels, and audiobooks in Spanish and English, and use your language as a reference.

If you have apprehensions regarding the quality of teaching, then it would interest you to know that native speakers tell Beelinguapp stores. You can also select the worlds you wish to add to your vocabulary.

#5: Ling App

With its innovative platform, Ling App transforms language learning. It mixes interactive exercises, tests, and courses to provide users the freedom to learn new languages at their own speed. Ling App, which caters to both novices and those looking to improve their linguistic abilities, makes language learning interesting and successful with a user-friendly interface and a variety of language selections.

Concluding Thoughts

When you start off learning a new language, you are motivated! The language app you choose should be able to maintain the momentum. And when you are not required to spend any money on it, your decision to start earliest becomes firmer.

The list of free Spanish learning apps would do just that. If you have finally decided to start your Spanish learning journey, pick the app that you find enticing and start enhancing your knowledge.

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