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Ways To Solve Quickbooks Issues

QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the most popular accounting software’s across small, medium and even large organizations. It has proven to be an essential tool in financial management, making it easy for organizations to pay their bills, track revenue and expenditure and also outline bank balances among other critical tasks. This “complexity” makes QuickBooks a tool that is susceptible to a number of challenges. Sometimes, these challenges result from users’ incompetence, while others are primarily failures on the technical aspect of the software. One of the most important things to highlight is that you don’t necessarily have to be a tech geek to effectively work with QuickBooks. However, you do need some basic knowledge of it along with some QuickBooks setup tips to make things easy for you. Here, we highlight a number of ways to help you solve common issues with the software.

Ways To Solve Quickbooks Issues

Losing Connection to a data file

Anyone who’s ever used QuickBooks will agree that this is a rather common problem. For some reason such as network connection, data file connections may just be lost and you are precisely unable to access and work on some of your files. To fix this, first ensure that your QuickBooks is properly set up/installed. Then ensure that the firewall and antivirus are not hampering connection. The QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool can also help you to find out where the connection problem comes from.

QuickBooks Proper Installation

A lot of people get problems from the way they set up/install /reinstall/update their QuickBooks software. One of the common problems is that when doing a version upgrade, the data from the previous version fails to read in the new version. Thus, some files cannot be worked on. To save yourself from this trouble, first, make a backup of your files before doing an upgrade. Then run verification on the specific file before uninstalling the old version. You can also consider installing the old and the new version to run concurrently and save yourself a lot of trouble.

While uninstalling, follow the usual Windows procedure but once you are done, it is paramount that you delete the program completely to enable the new installation to work independently. Remember to always make a back up of your data anytime you are working on QuickBooks.

Slow responses in Multiuser Mode

When QuickBooks is being used by multiuser it can sometimes be slow in responding to various commands. If you frequently encounter such a problem, it is advisable to enlarge your RAM capacity and even the hard disk so that your machine can handle the load it is being subjected to.

QuickBooks fails to Update Files

Have you tried working on a file and the response you get is “Updating of Data File Failed?”A number of things might have happened. Either your file wasn’t opened or closed properly thus the file was corrupted.

To correct this error you may need to create the file once more but, again, ensure you back up your files.

Unable to copy or move data file

Sometimes when you want to create a backup for your data file, the QuickBooks file is unable to copy or move. You may encounter a problem that  locks up the file. If this happens, most likely the Directory Monitor and the QuickBooks Server manager are locked. In order to unlock them, close QuickBooks and search for services.msc. Once you locate and stop them from running, you should be able to copy the files with ease.

Lost your Licensing Information? Try this.

It does happen quite often. You can locate this information by pressing the F2 or (Ctrl)1 button when QuickBooks is open and you are properly signed into your data file. If the problem requires that you reinstall, then you will have to re-register.

Lost Admin Password.

Passwords are a central feature in QuickBooks operations. The unfortunate bit is that a lost password may require you to reinstall the software afresh. This means that you might lose a great deal of important data in the process. But you can also use the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool to get access to the files. Alternatively, try various password cracking tools to bypass this hurdle.

Failure of a new Printer to print QuickBooks Files.

This is also a common challenge when using QuickBooks. But it is pretty easy to sort out. Close the open QuickBooks files. Run a search for qbprint.qbp. Rename it to qbprint.qbp.old. Restart QuickBooks and printing shouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

Don’t get stuck; Learn

Most bookkeeping software’s including simpler versions such as MS Excel present complex problems to users at times. It is recommended that you update your skills more often by learning as much as you can about them. This includes gathering information online through blogs and You-Tube channels and there is quite a lot of information on QuickBooks technical support. Also, keep on practicing and with time you will be really resourceful in sorting out the mess. Importantly, keep your passwords safe and make reliable backups of your data files.

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