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Vidpaw 2019: A Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

A comprehensive platform can keep a large user group with its good reputation and all-rounded services. VidPaw is such one online program. Apart from a simple online video downloader, VidPaw also play a role as an online video streaming platform, YouTube to MP3 Converter, and even an information provider.

As a leading and powerful online video downloader, VidPaw even allows users to download YouTube 4K videos, saving these high-quality videos for offline playback. Unlike a software, VidPaw is an internet downloader, which requires no software downloaded and complicated operating steps. More importantly, it saves your storage because you can finish all downloading processes just online.

VidPaw Is All About Quality

Considering that people valuate the quality of videos greatly, therefore, VidPaw 4K Video Downloader enables users to download YouTube 4k videos with resolutions ranging from 144p to 8K. So does for audio files. VidPaw provides qualities for downloading audios from 64kbps to 320kbps, making high-quality online music streaming also possible for offline playback.

VidPaw’s high quality not only embodies in the downloaded files, but also the services it provides.

  • VidPaw Online Video Downloader

VidPaw online video downloader is able to download online videos from more than 1,000 sites with high quality. Both the analyzing and downloading speed of VidPaw online video downloader are quick. The whole downloading process can be done within minutes even seconds! (This may depend on whether you have connected to a reliable network and the size of the file that you are going to download).

  • VidPaw Online Streaming Platform

VidPaw online streaming platform shares similarities to YouTube. You can avail various online video resources here in VidPaw as well. According to the categories sorted by VidPaw, you would discover new videos you like easily.

A Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

You can also stream these online videos with the video resolution you prefer. When your network connection is good, select HD quality and enjoy the video online!

NOTE: Directly downloading online videos on VidPw is also available. Download icon can be easily found below each online video. Simply hit it and you can save the online video for offline playback.

  • VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter

VidPaw simplifies the process to extract soundtrack from YouTube video. VidPaw YouTube to MP3 Converter can convert and download YouTube videos with only three steps – copy and paste the link of the YouTube video, select output quality, and submit downloading the converted MP3 YouTube video.

A Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

  • VidPaw Information Module

On the navigation bar, VidPaw set an information module (Resources), which provides different kinds of latest resources to users for free reading, including movie/music reviews, how-to guides, new-released news, trouble-shooting solutions, recommendations of some resources, and so on. When you are tired of watching videos, you can switch to this module to do some reading.

Simple Steps to Use VidPaw

STEP 1. Copy the URL of the online video from any platform you want to download from such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

STEP 2. Navigate to VidPaw and paste the video link to the download bar. Click on “Download” to analyze the video.

A Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

STEP 3. When VidPaw finished analyzing, the download options will be provided in the selection box. Select the output format and correspondent quality (up to 8K) for the online video you are going to download. Finally, click on “Download” to save the online video for offline playback.

A Top Internet 4K Video Online DownloaderA Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

STEP 4 (Optional). If the video begins to play automatically after you clicking on the “Download” button, manually hit the three-dots icon in the lower right corner of the video. Then submit “Download” again.

A Top Internet 4K Video Online Downloader

Nowadays, online video downloader is not only about the service it provides, but also how comprehensive it can bring to users. VidPaw manages to be a high-quality online video downloader, and the site that provides the whole set functions to enable users enjoy online videos more conveniently. VidPaw should be your choice.

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