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Video Testimonials: An Intelligent Marketing Tool

A testimonial in other words known as a reference, a written statement or a formal statement is proof of good work. In the business industry, a testimonial is treated as a certificate of competence. Customers today are a smart bunch of people who can’t be easily fooled into believing what you say. Every company needs to prove its worth to its clients or leaving a mark in the industry will always be a dream. In today’s world, customers won’t take your word for it. Just because you say you’re the best at something, they won’t believe a word you say. Just because you say you offer the cheapest prices for your services; they will not accept you at face value. Today, people research and take recommendations from their friends and the Internet for everything possible. At times like these, taking it straight out of the horse’s mouth is something that cannot be easily ignored. Imagine your own clients telling potential clients about your competition and excellent services, increasing their goodwill at the same time!

Video Testimonials

It is a great idea to use video testimonials service to generate publicity on your business site. Why video, you ask? The answer is very simple. A video testimonial is something that can show potential clients that everything that is said about your business is true, as potential clients see former clients excited about your business, in action. Unlike video testimonials, written testimonials can make the potential client suspicious of the testimonial itself. The client may question the authenticity of a written testimonial, whereas in video testimonials it is only a small possibility.

A corporate video production singapore companies use such testimonials to improve online traffic to the customer’s site. Since the potential customer can relate to the video testimonials on their computer screen, they are more likely to do business with the company and experience the excellent services that the company offers. However, video production companies must obtain permission from former clients before using their reviews in testimonials. Clients making such testimonials should also be encouraged to speak from the heart and keep the points direct and to the point. Video production companies should write reviews from former clients in such a way that the reviews are specific and not general. For example; If the testimonial says that the services were “excellent,” it doesn’t have much of an impact on the potential customer. But if the video testimonial says exactly what was great; The services provided after the purchase of the product or the quality of the product itself, will have a better impact on the mind of the potential customer.

Before making the decision, make sure the video production company you choose to record the testimonial understands your needs and specifications. The production company must be able to understand that the testimonial is to generate traffic on the site, target a greater number of audiences and improve the sales of the company by converting potential clients into new clients of the company.

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