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Utilizing the Real Power of On-Site Event Date and Statistics

A critical study by The Business Wire shows the importance of the live event and business data. The team surveyed between July and August 2017, on 600 participating event planners, producers, and corporate marketers. This survey also included attendees of the events to showcase how the professionals could leverage technology to collect and analyze data for enhancing the event experience for the attendees.

Real Power of On-Site Event Date and Statistics

The revelations of the study were quite simple –

  • About 81% of all participating event professionals opine that capturing data from the attendees of the events is most crucial for rewarding the attendees with a better journey and a better event. This would eventually lead to a better response from their audience and a higher ROI. However, only 20% of the participating organizations were effective at this integration process, as per their marketing heads. This is not due to the lack of workforce, but it is due to the lack of proper technological tools that can drive a more competent live data collection process.
  • Over 75% of the organizations miss out on critical and actionable attendee data due to the lack of adaptive data-collection tools. These tools need to be widely accessible, easily usable and responsive for all mobile devices. These profiles need to be able to track the journey of each attendee, compile data in an actionable format and offer additional insight to the marketers into their products.
  • Only about 38% professionals at these events understand what their attendees do on-site and what they need to make their event experience richer. They need a conduit that can convey direct feedback from the attendees.
  • About 29% of all participating event producers and organizers feel that they are capable of collecting enough event data and only 23% state that they have the resources to utilize the same. However, the rest are sure that they need more powerful resources to collect data on-site.

This calls for new tools and technologies

The insights of the attendee survey state that on-site technologies provide a richer event experience to all participants. These include event data collection applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. In fact, 88% of all participants agree that such mobile tools and technologies will help them communicate with the organizers. Self-registration services, kiosks for self-service apps and feedback apps can improve the experience for all.

While, on the participant end, these applications can collect attendee data, survey responses, and feedback data at the other end, the same application can feed these data into a cloud-stored database. The event analytics team can pull these on-site data from the database for marketing analysis, business analysis, predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis as well. The event organizers can easily receive compiled results from the analytics processes based on live event information. This process is quick, simple and almost error-free.

The study by The Business Wire shows the world the need for a consolidated and powerful tool with a user-friendly UI. The right technology can change the way you organize and profit from events like these. Don’t wait much longer, visit technologies événementielles for the latest ways to collect on-site event information.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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