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Using Maps to Make Your Presentations Dynamic & Convincing

Online presentations have never been more prevalent than they are in our world right now. The shift to virtual meetings, classes, and conferences has opened a whole world of possibilities and challenges when it comes to keeping your audience engaged during a presentation. Integrating custom maps into your presentations can be an attention-grabbing and informative addition. Several ways it can have a positive impact on your presentations are listed below. By integrating companies that help you show maps online, you can easily add maps to your presentations with minimal effort on your part.

Using Maps to Make Your Presentations Dynamic & Convincing

Why Incorporating Maps Makes A Difference

It is far too easy to lose the attention of your audience during online presentations and virtual meetings. The threat of distraction is everywhere. Televisions, cell phones, work on another computer screen all can take your intended viewer’s eyes off what you are doing and on to something else. Incorporating maps into your presentations can help illustrate your point, inform your audience, and keep their eyes on the screen and away from their cell phone. A great website that makes this easy and affordable is ShowMyMap. They have based their platform on Google’s API geocoding app. Their platform delivers maps that are clean, informative, and attention-grabbing. Their maps have features like:

  • Heat mapping
  • Clustering
  • Optimized routes between the points
  • Longitude and latitude

Add to this the ability to embed features to showcase the data or store locations on any website, and you have the foundation of a map that displays any data you can dig up. Building your data into a map format allows you to take raw data and turn it into valuable insights. Your business or any organization you share the map with can use it to boost productivity, sales, you name it. Discussion after you show maps online, results in successful collaborative meetings.

How the Right Partner Makes A Difference

Finding the right tool for the right job is paramount. One of the easiest to use with the best results for map design is ShowMyMap. They make the whole process of data importation easy, and the results are always correct. There is no need to back-check or input data points manually. Their site has two options for importing data.

  • Drag and drop your file (Xls, Xlsx, or Csv).
  • Copy and paste your data.

You need zero coding skills to use their software and import data. The ease of use makes it a match for anyone looking to add a beautiful map to your presentation. ShowMyMap also allows their user to customize the maps they create. Customization makes them truly unique. Not just a simple map anyone could find in a search. Their intelligent tool allows you to:

  • Customize your map markers.
  • Set or change the default opening view of the map.
  • Choose from a large variety of map styles.

More Than Just Map Creation

Before, during, or after creating a map to add to your presentation, you may have questions. It is especially true if you are new to the process and you may need some direction. It can be incredibly time-consuming to web search every question you have and try to cherry-pick the correct sources to trust and use. That is another feature of ShowMyMap. They have over 40 resources to assist you, all in one place. There is a resource for any question you might have, including:

  • Entering coordinates into maps.
  • Mapping sales data.
  • Mobile maps made easy.

Look into adding the feature to show maps online in your next presentation. Websites like ShowMyMaps offer easy, intuitive, and powerful software that takes your maps to the next level. You will be the presentation that people were happy was part of the meeting.

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