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Up to Speed: The Best in Office Technology

Technology is changing rapidly, and has been forever – but especially within the last fifty years or so. With the space race came computers that ushered in the digital age. A computer that once took up an entire room now sits comfortably within a pocket, and have abilities and technology once either completely unfathomable or considered to be science fiction.

These myriad technological advances have spanned and infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, including our offices. Where hard copies once reigned supreme, the digital memo has overtaken. Not every office has adopted these digital technologies, in fact, many still rely on copy machines, fax machines, and age-old pen and paper. For those of us heading an office that may or may not be stuck in the 1980s, here is some of the best office technologies that will increase efficiency and progress, without making it feel like an episode of The Jetsons.

Group Chats

Borrowing from social media, company and office group chats are an excellent way to get ideas and discussions flowing. With the abilities to host multiple group chats within a system, each department can have their own relevant discussions, while still having the ability to easily reach out to other departments within the office and company. These different chat “rooms” are great for individualizing projects and getting tasks finished. The majority of these business-aimed group chat technologies are available free via applications on both smartphones and computers, saving money and easily syncing with current devices that are already in use.

Meeting Softwares

These are a saving grace for those companies and offices who work with freelancers or other companies and offices around the globe. Meeting softwares are designed to connect employees from anywhere efficiently and securely. Does your nature of work involve the public in any way? This technology allows complete transparency to the public, if need be, as well as allows the public to give feedback where necessary. This software works perfectly with any smart phone, tablet, or computer, and is environmentally friendly by cutting down on paper. Post agendas, minutes, anything that you otherwise would have written, copied, and distributed, in one secure place.

Strategic Planning Software

When it comes to any business, planning is key. Moving forward with multiple people doing various jobs requires step by step processes to be assessed by those doing the work, those connected to the projects, or higher-ups. Strategic planning software allows straightforward planning for projects as well as updates on projects and where they are at in execution. Once again, easily compatible with nearly any computer, these softwares will allow for the most efficient planning and management.

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