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Unlocking Fun at Ambience Mall: A Gamer’s Tour of the Play Area

Looking for a place within the mall where kids can have fun and be themselves? Head to Fun City, the best spot for children nestled at the top floor of Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. This interactive game area is a go-to place for those looking for fun and even young children seeking a creative adventure after a day of shopping.

Ambience Mall play area

Thrilling Rides and Arcade Classics: Fun City is bound to give both kids and adults a rush of adrenaline with all of its thrilling rides. There are activities with varying levels of thrill. For competitive people, the arcade section is the place to be! Try out the classic claw machine, where grabbing that prized item feels the most rewarding. For some retro entertainment, make the most of the classic arcade games like air hockey and racing simulators.

Interactive Play Zones and Imaginative Adventures: Fun City isn’t just about high-tech thrills. It also boasts interactive play zones designed to ignite your child’s imagination. Let your little ones loose in a world of colourful slides, mazes, and jungle gyms that encourage exploration and physical activity. For the littlest explorers, dedicated toddler areas with soft play equipment provide a safe and stimulating environment within the Ambience Mall play area.

Stepping into Virtual Reality: Experience the Future at Fun City with advanced virtual reality rides. Teens are sure to love these interactive experiences, which immerse the players in unimaginable worlds and thrilling adventures. Be it scaling a virtual mountain, flying through the sky, or diving into the ocean – all these adventures are sure to uplift spirits.

Ball Pits, Prize Games, and Birthday Fun: No play area is complete without a ball pit, and Fun City doesn’t disappoint! Dive into a sea of colourful balls and let the giggles ensue. The prize games add another layer of fun, where kids can test their skills and score exciting rewards.

While the kids enjoy the play area, parents can relax in the designated seating areas. Fun City at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, recognises the importance of family fun and offers a comfortable space for adults to supervise their children while enjoying a coffee or browsing their phones.

Fun  City is not only a place for letting your child blow off steam but also offers a variety of activities for them to interact and learn simultaneously. It develops their coordination and allows them to build their imagination and interact with other children. It offers entertainment in various genres—old and new, interactive and fun, all in one place—a winning combination.

Planning a birthday bash? Fun City also offers fantastic birthday packages, complete with dedicated party rooms, delicious snacks, and access to all the wonderful attractions within the ambience mall play area.

The next time you visit Ambience Mall in Gurgaon, remember to take the elevator up to Fun City. Be ready to spend a fantastic day rich with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories!

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