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Understanding the world of Lanyards

The world of lanyards can be confusing. There’s always numerous prints going around and diverse colortones to choose from. It’s quite easy to get caught up. Specialized lanyards can be very exciting, with the right assistance. Most lanyards are customized through dye sublimation or silk screen printing. Both the methods have their benefits and harms depending on the material they’re being used with. It is important to know these differences before arriving at a decision.

Dye Sublimation:

Dye sublimation is suited to complex designs. These could range from prints to colored patterns. Dye sublimation is very handy for coloring the whole of the lanyard. What makes it most desirable is the fact that the amount of colors required to fill in the design does not impact the total price.

This means the range of colors available is quite vast and you can easily make a choice. Since the ink dyes the fabric in a very specific manner, it is a very ideal method for designs that require a lot of detail.


The only drawback to this technique however, is that it does have the tendency to be a bit mellowed out, in comparison to screen printing. Otherwise, it is quite beneficial for creative lanyards.

Silk screen painting:

Silk screen printing allows tha paint to settle onto the surface of the fabric, as opposed to dye sublimation. This makes the color more nuanced and enhanced. It is ideal for rather easy to create motifs, like logos etc. Any text or detail added is more likely to remain legible and clear. This process provides a more sophisticated finish.

It utilizes 3 printed Pantone colors as a range. You have the option to choose between them.


The uniqueness of this method is also what may be its drawback at times. It is excellent for plain designs and it cannot be employed for complex patterns or prints.

The plus points of Printed Lanyards:

Lanyards have always been a very attractive aspect in terms of marketing. They are a foolproof tactic for engaging with your audience and gaining their attention. People love being able to take back a souvenir or two and a customized lanyard is as good a souvenir as any.

Do more than just printing:

Lanyards can be specialized past just printing. You can also have a cuff that is modelled according to your campaign, etc. Plain sailing lanyards are a thing of the past and in order to gain a standing in the market, you have to pull all the stops. Eye-catching lanyards are the most basic step and they’re just as important.

Lanyards for daily life:

Perhaps the best part about lanyards is the fact that they can be used for everyday purposes as well. For instance, the yacht lanyards offered by Lanyards bedrucken, can be adopted for practical use. The material is intense and it can withstand the pressure of seafaring activities.

With all these add ons, the price for lanyards continues to be affordable for all.

Lanyards- the most convenient souvenir:

The production of Lanyards has accelerated and been modernized. They have gone from being objects of slight promotional value to every company’s go to tactic for advertisement. They started out as strings of nylon, but have now seen development to the point that you can even opt for glow in the dark lanyards. They leave a lasting impression on the customer and are a token that can be taken everywhere. Their practical applications make them even desirable. To top it all off, they’re not even that expensive. This makes them the most perfect choice.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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