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Two Ways To Recover iPhone Data After Factory Reset

Whether an android phone or an iPhone, every smartphone has the function to recover a phone factory setting. When you reset your iPhone to factory settings, all of your data such as photos, videos documents deleted. After that, there is no way for a person to recover the data without the help of professional data recovery software such as Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Two Ways To Recover iPhone Data After Factory Reset

An iPhone has six options for resetting which are as follows:

  • Reset All Settings
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Keyboard Dictionary Reset
  • Erase All Content and Settings
  • Reset Home Screen Layout
  • Reset Location & Privacy

The main reason for having all of these functions is to fix your iPhone stuck at Apple logo and to protect your privacy. One of the best ways to fully restore is by using factory reset function. It is a wonderful function but it also erases all of your data. So, if you have decided to reset your phone, then backup your important data before you do.

You can easily Recover deleted data on iPhone if you have an iCloud or iTunes backup. So, use these services next time you are going to reset your phone. If you have a backup in one of the above services then you can recover it using the following three ways. Otherwise, you need professional software to recover it.

How to Restore Data From iCloud?

After resetting your phone, it will automatically turn on. Just follow the on-screen steps. Stop when you get the Apps and Data Screen and then go to Restore From iCloud Backup. If you are doing this on a new iPhone then the steps will be the same.

In the second step, log in using your Apple. It will provide you with the list of recent backups so select the most relevant one. If you are having a problem then you can check the date and size of the backup. Just follow the steps and your data will be restored. Moreover, you need an active Wi-Fi connection to download the backup. The time to restore the data will depend on the size of the backup and your connection speed. When the restoration process will finish, you will see that all of your data has been successfully restored.

How to Restore Data From iTunes?

You can also recover your iPhone data using the iTunes back up. For this, you need a windows pc or a mac. Just connect your iPhone using a USB cable. An option will pop up on your mobile screen just allow it to trust this computer. If you are using a passcode then it will ask you to enter it.

The iTunes will recognize your phone, select it and click on Restore Backup. After that choose the file you want to restore. The process will start so keep your phone connected to the computer until the process is complete.

The above two ways will only work if you have reset your phone to factory settings. Moreover, you do not have much choice of selecting what you want to recover or not.

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