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Turnkey Software Development

Our company is engaged in Turnkey software development and its effective integration with instant testing, deployment, and staff training. If necessary, we provide 24/7 customer service support and perform a full range of services aimed at improving the efficiency of managing your business assets. We will also offer you a comprehensive modernization of your old program code with system enhancements, the introduction of IoT technology, and application scaling using cloud storage.

Turnkey Software Development

What stages of work are included in Turnkey software development?

When a potential investor and customer contact our organization, we provide a service for the development, implementation, and deployment of a software product, in accordance with the following algorithms:

  • Meeting with the customer, discussing key issues, and setting the main production tasks.
  • Analysis of the scope of the customer’s business, highlighting key points, and weaknesses, the formation of a preliminary model of interaction, an approximate calculation of the time of work, as well as the cost of investing in the project.
  • Formation of a working group to develop an application for the customer, consisting of specialists of different levels.
  • Brainstorming, with the participation of the customer, detailed interviews to develop an accurate roadmap.
  • Preparation of estimates for the production of works, determination of the final price, coordination with the customer, execution, and signing of the contract.
  • Software development, in strict accordance with the terms of reference and the plan previously outlined with the customer,
  • Demonstration of a draft version of the product for the customer, checking its performance in cold mode, identifying possible errors with their prompt correction.
  • Implementation and disclosure of software in the customer’s asset management system.
  • Start-up and adjustment of applications, training of employees, demonstration of the result of work, launching the software in normal mode.
  • Signing the acceptance certificate, receiving funds, and issuing a 12-month guarantee for the result with free service during this period.

Of course, we have a clear scheme of interaction with clients, and we always try to follow it. At the same time, we adhere to an individual approach to each client in such a way as to exclude typical solutions, in case the customer wants to deviate from the basic principles and puts forward additional requirements.

What does the customer get when ordering the Turnkey software development service?

Many customers who apply to our company to order the development of an intellectual product are often interested in what are the benefits of Turnkey software development. The features of this technique are the following important nuances:

  • Precise determination of the scope of work, according to the terms of reference from the investor.
  • Fixing the deadlines for application development, software implementation, and disclosure, which are indicated in the calendar schedule.
  • Drawing up a detailed estimate calculation with the determination of the final cost of each stage of work.
  • We are ready to share the risks in the implementation of your idea, as we guarantee the highest quality and efficiency of the intellectual product.
  • When working with an investor, our brainstorming and analysis of the task at hand begin with setting the ultimate goal and the means to achieve it.
  • A guarantee of an individual approach to each customer based on an analysis of his field of activity, identifying problems and difficulties. We need this information to accurately determine the price and timing for the development and implementation of the product.
  • The ability to scale the system over a certain period of time, for example, within a year. Thus, we conclude an agreement, which is divided into stages, we create an application, integrate it, and after a certain time, we expand the system and add new data.
  • With this technique, we are confident in the results and are ready to provide each client with a free warranty service for 1 year from the date of disclosure of the intellectual product.

When working with them, you enter into a contract only once. In the absence of constructive changes in the algorithm of work on the initiative of the customer. We always accurately fix the final price and terms of work and adhere to these requirements, as we are aware of our responsibility and possible losses of the customer, in case of deviation from the given directives.

With us, you can develop and integrate a project with the maximum degree of predictability and be confident in the development of your business, reducing operating costs, as well as increasing profits.

How our company differs from competitors?

Given the high demand for new business asset management applications, there are many companies on the market today that offer the same turnkey services that we do. In such cases, we immediately inform the potential customer, who cannot make the final choice, about our features compared to competitors:

  • Our company develops its own program codes and constantly invests in the creation of this intellectual product.
  • We provide full development of applications on a turnkey basis within only 2-3 weeks, and with us, the customer quickly enters the payback and profit.
  • According to statistics, other companies engaged in similar activities provide results about 2 weeks longer than we do, due to the difference in approaches to work.
  • We divide the complex of works into certain stages, for each of which we estimate the cost and terms of completion of the development.
  • We give a full guarantee for 1 year on the result of our work.
  • We are in partnership with our customers even after the completion of the development and implementation of an intelligent product.
  • If necessary, the customer can sign a long-term contract with us for maintenance and provision of round-the-clock service support from our side.
  • We brainstorm only with the client and resort to the method of end-to-end application development, which allows us to make adjustments at any stage of the project without major adjustments to the architecture and the entire system, which does not affect the delivery time of the order.

Working with us, you can be sure that you will receive the finished product in the shortest possible time at the lowest prices, bypassing additional agreements, as well as the risk of receiving a low-quality product, as we will ensure that each cluster is configured and all algorithms are debugged during the free warranty period for our customers.

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