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Traits to Look for in a TEM Provider

With any business, telecom management groups certainly plays a significant role in its success. Both internal and external company communication relies heavily on a solid telecom infrastructure that’s managed effectively. The expense of all the equipment, devices, and services involved can add up quickly, becoming a burden to companies trying to manage all of it themselves.

Outsourcing Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is a popular way of tackling the communications burden that comes with running a business. But with so many choices in TEM providers, there are key characteristics to look for when choosing the right one for your company.

TEM Provider


A competent TEM provider will able to handle all the procurement you need such as rate comparisons, service plans, and contract negotiations. They should be able to handle all of this while keeping you abreast of developments. The best TEM providers will meet with you to assess your needs and present some viable options from which to choose, depending on your company preferences and goals.


Telecom management can get complicated quickly due to the variety of devices and systems that fall under the telecom umbrella. Different providers will provide numerous levels of service from the most basic to the most comprehensive depending on your own company’s desired level of involvement in the management. They’ll do this while also taking your company’s budget into consideration.

A good TEM provider will manage all of your inventory for you so that you have one place to go for information on all of your telecom vendors. Great TEM providers will also provide a client portal where you can view all documentation they provide.


Integration should be a two way street between you and your TEM provider. While they give your company a portal to access for relevant information and documentation. You should also allow them the access they need to track equipment, document processes, and manage databases.

Checks & Balances

Audits should be a regular occurring procedure taken by your TEM. When considering which TEM services to choose from, make sure you have a clear understanding of their audit system.


TEM providers who offer the best services are those who consult with their clients and offer advice on a regular basis. A TEM provider should be a trusted source of information on telecom management.


Telecom expense management involves many functions including equipment procurement, payment, invoicing, plan negotiation. Often employees have issues with their telecom. A good TEM provider will be the source they turn to, not you, so that you are freed up to run your company.


Before choosing a TEM provider, ensure they have a reputation for negotiating solid deals for their clients. This is an important part of the business since so many different facets of your telecom infrastructure will require the purchase of equipment and network services. Getting the best price and the best service will save you a great deal of money in the long run. 

Before hiring any new TEM provider, narrow possible candidates down from the overwhelming number of choices by looking at each firm’s reputation for negotiating, employee assistance, consultation expertise, checks and balances in place, integration ability, management competence, and ability to procure the best services and equipment.

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