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Top Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

It may seem a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but if you are a planner or have a large family, it is the perfect time to begin drawing up your lists!

In 2023, there is more variation in gifts than ever before, meaning that you not only have more choices than ever before, but many people expect gifts that are a bit, well, quirkier than a pair of socks or a scarf.

So, to help get those creative juices flowing, here are some unique Christmas pressie ideas for 2023.

Personalized Chocolate Box

Do you know someone who would give their left leg for a box of chocolate? Most people do!

For the chocaholic in your life, there is the option of a standard box of chocolates, but why not up it a notch with a build-it-yourself chocolate box? These mix-and-match boxes are available online from websites like and allow you to get rid of the chocolates that you know your loved one doesn’t like, making sure that when they open the box, they won’t be disappointed. 

Home Spa Kit

Do you know someone who needs a spa day but can’t afford one or get one? Most people do!

For the person in your life with kids or a high-pressure job, it can be worth getting them a home spa kit. These can be purchased as a full gift, or you can build them yourself. Try to put in face masks, foot masks, hair masks, some scented oils, and lotions, as well as a towel of flannel to help set the mood for their private time in the tub. Then, all you need to do is add a scented candle!

Christmas Cookies

Do you know someone who loves cookies and the festive season? Again, most people do!

This is where your skill as a cookie baker comes into play, and here, you can either gift the ingredients for Christmas cookies or you can make them yourself. These don’t have to be fancy, but if the recipient of the cookies has kids, it can be worth gifting a kind of DIY cookie kit for their kids to play with. If your friends don’t have kids and appreciate quirk, then making them some reindeer cookies with some icing will get some smiles and be tasty.

Home Brew Kit

Do you know someone who fancies themselves as an alcohol brewer? Most people do!

Home brew kits aren’t new, but this is a fun and simple idea that will give your friends or family members something to do in that gap between Christmas and the New Year. Why not up it a notch and get them a whisky or wine brewing kit?

Escape Room Trip

Do you know someone who prefers experiences to presents? Most people do!

For this, an escape room voucher can be, quite literally, just the ticket! You can even go with them and have fun on this day once the Christmas season is over, making for something to look forward to in the new year. Great!

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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