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Top Trends in Consumer Appliances to Watch For

With the innovation in technology being on the rise, manufacturers are coming up with different appliances and trying to stay on top of the market. There are different kinds of appliances, all made for different consumer categories. For instance, some manufacturers focus on prices alone while others focus on quality. Either way, both have their target markets in mind and can make sales.

Top Trends in Consumer Appliances

Nowadays, there is just about an appliance for anything that one may need. Appliances make the average consumer’s life easier. Our copy is going to highlight some of the top trends in consumer appliances to watch.

Multi-Feature Appliances

Most people who live in cities and urban areas are moving into smaller houses given how high the cost of living is getting. Smaller homes have even smaller spaces and countertops. Therefore if one is looking to buy kitchen appliances, they have to choose what to forfeit. However, this will no longer have to be a problem. Companies are leaning towards creating multi-feature appliances that will not take up a lot of space and are also quite cost-effective. For instance, instead of buying an air fryer, a microwave, and an oven, one can purchase a multi-feature appliance that contains all of these.

Another multi-feature appliance to look out for is the multi-cooker, which provides one with the option of healthy meals. It has a slow cooker, and various options for steam-based cooking. You do not need to use oil or butter to make a steam-based meal. Therefore, this trend is likely to peak, and consumers should look out for it since it is both cost-efficient and convenient to have.

Air Purifiers for Smoke

While there are different air purifier models in the market, they vary in how effective they are. Therefore when purchasing an air purifier, you need to consider what you intend to use it for. Air purifiers for smoke are another trend to watch out for. Not all are created equally, so visit This Electric Home to know which is worth the investment.

Most people are familiar with air purifiers helping with allergens. However, they can also be used to remove smoke from the air. They also capture the harmful components that smoke contains. Purchasing an air purifier is a great way to ensure you get rid of the smoke odor while also protecting others around you from the effects of second-hand smoke.

Smart Appliances

Manufacturers are continually coming up with new and fascinating smart appliances. For instance, there is the fridge that serves as a communication center, which is quite fascinating. It alerts you on what kind of groceries you may need to add and also lets families organize schedules. This is a trend that will likely shape the market. In the coming years, we are bound to see more people leaning towards smart appliances that perform tasks when given a command.

Smart appliances are not a new thing in the industry. They have been around for a while. Their prices are what make them less popular in an average consumer’s home. Smart appliances will not only make the lives of consumers easy, but they will also be time-saving. Although it might take time for consumers from low-income households to embrace the use of smart appliances, they will eventually embrace it. Currently, smart appliances are considered a luxury, and they are also more expensive compared to their conventional counterparts.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

All your kitchen appliances can be integrated through Wi-Fi. As aforementioned, smart appliances will make it easy to issue commands and have your appliances performing tasks. Most of these appliances are made in a way that can allow you to control them from your smartphone. As long as they are all integrated through Wi-Fi, you can easily control your kitchen from your smartphone. Some of the things you can control are your fridge temperature, microwave timer, the timer on your stovetops and oven, and the lighting in your kitchen.

You can also employ the use of Bluetooth sync on all your appliances. Manufacturers have started making it more affordable to access these appliances and are including these features in more models. Syncing your appliances via Bluetooth makes it easy to control them, and it also makes your work easier. With technological improvements, these features can only get better.

Finger Touch

Another trend to watch out for is the finger touch, which is bound to eliminate the use of controls and knobs. Swipe and finger touch controls are being introduced on kitchen appliances. Finger touch control devices have been on the market for some time now, but they are not as popular.

Like most other quality, high technology appliances, they are mostly made for a specific target audience. They are quite convenient as they use electromagnetic heat instead of field heat. You can easily control your flame temperature with a swipe and touch. They also have little indicators that allow you to either turn the flame’s intensity up or down.

Steam Ovens

More people are looking to eat healthier and will most likely purchase appliances that support this. Most manufacturers know this, and they are coming up with products that cater to this demand. Steam ovens are not as popular now, but they are a trend that every consumer should watch out for, especially if they are trying to eat healthily.

Steam ovens ensure that you prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family. You do not need to use butter or oil when making your meals. All you need is your ingredients and water. Another advantage that steam ovens have is ensuring your food retains moisture and retains all the nutrients. When reheating your food, they do not dry it, so a steam oven would be a worthwhile purchase.


A trend that consumers should watch for is black and white appliances. Matte black and icy white are going to be some of the sought after colors. These two colors can either be used individually or used to complement each other. This trend is getting popular, especially with built appliances, as it gives such a tasteful finishing to one’s kitchen. Manufacturers are also focusing on designs in terms of performance to ensure that their products stay in demand.

While there are various other trends that consumers can look for in appliances, the ones listed above are top trends. Most of the listed appliances have been on the market for a while. They are not popular because they are sold to a specific target market. But most manufacturers are looking to make their products affordable and accessible to low-income households.

You should also note that making appliances accessible and popular to a specific market does not translate to quality. There are two kinds of consumers that appliance manufacturers target. One appreciates and focuses on the quality, and the other only focuses on the price. When buying appliances, ensure they are from a reputable brand that sells quality appliances.

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