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Top Things To Do In Newcastle For Students

Fresher’s week is not behind us and all the students are getting ready to start their higher education. Now that the fresher’s fun is over, it is time for you to explore the beauty of Newcastle. You can take part in everything that the city has to offer you. You can experience Geordie culture at its best.

Newcastle is one of the most amazing cities in the world for good reason. It boasts a wide range of tourist attractions that every student enjoys. The captivating views, historical landmarks, lush landscapes, and cultural diversity ensure that everything is alluring and draw a sizable crowd.

The students are drawn to this city with the help of student-friendly clubs, pubs, charming cafes, recreational spots, and parks. So, here is the list of top things to do when you are bored sitting at your student accommodation Newcastle :

Go to the Quayside and bridges at the Tyne

You cannot possibly live in Newcastle and not see the amazing bridges that arch across the River Tyne. You can enjoy the beautiful views from one of the restaurants or bars along the water’s edge or even just go for a stroll or a run. Taking an easy walk across the Gateshead Millennium Bridge can make you feel great. You can even feel it moving when you walk over it.

Grainger Market

Grainger Market

This is another place to be when you are in Newcastle. Here you can buy gifts for your loved ones or something to decorate your room. It is one of the popular markets in the city and it comprises many cafes, bakeries, jewelry stores, florists, and so on. You love food or vintage clothing, Grainger Market is one of the best ways to spend your day. being a melting pot of different cultures, go take that much-deserved study break so that you can catch up with a friend and get immersed in this vibrant, eclectic Newcastle gem.

The Newcastle Castle

The Castle in Newcastle was built on the site of the fortress which gave this city its name. Nowadays, the most valuable remains comprise Castle Keep and the Black Gate. You must visit this place if you are new to Newcastle. Not only you can explore the rich history of the vibrant city, but it also offers some amazing views from its rooftop. The ‘New Castle’ was founded in the year 1080 by one of William the Conqueror’s eldest sons Robert Curthose. Later, the castle we know today was rebuilt in stone after being originally constructed using earth and timber. New exhibitions will allow the visitors to experience what life would have been like for the inhabitants. If you are feeling brave, Newcastle Castle can host different ghost-hunting evenings looking back on its eerie history. The creepy castle was even featured on an episode of Most Haunted, making it an even more interesting place to visit.

You can go to the ‘Poly V Posh’ Bar Crawl

‘Poly V Posh’

You can easily join the biggest student pub crawl in Newcastle. ‘Poly V Posh’ Bar Crawl is one of the most lively annual events and the largest student pub crawl in the city. Each year sees well over 2500 participants bar hopping, visit clubs, and also battle it out in Gladiator-style events and battles in an entertaining way. This one’s not to be missed when studying in the city.

Go shopping down Northumberland Street

If you have moved to Newcastle over the last few weeks, you are probably familiar with the most renowned shopping street in the city. It is home to a wide range of different retailers and cafes. You can easily have access to the Eldon Square shopping center. If you have not already had it around what are you waiting for?

Go to the Newcastle United Match

Newcastle is now in the Premier League once again. St. James’ Park being their home is definitely somewhere, which needs to be visited before you leave. So ensure you are in the Gallowgate end and take in the incredible match day atmosphere.

Sport central

Sport central

Sports Central is one of the best places if you want to have fun. It is an excellent sporting complex situated at Northumbria University. Doesn’t matter if you study at Northumbria University or not, you can play here. Sports Central is home to all things sports and fitness in Newcastle. Maybe you are looking to fit regular exercise into the routine, and play some social sports with your friends over the weekend. You can watch a host of top Newcastle sporting talent represent this special city. Whatever tickles your fancy, Sport Central is one of the best places to keep active, take a break, and get those positive endorphins flowing.

Visit the angel of the North

This contemporary sculpture is a must-see in Gateshead, completed in the year 1998. The steel sculpture of an angel is 20 meters tall with wings measuring 54 meters across. It is about a ten-minute drive from Newcastle, but it can be easily accessible with the help of public transport too. If you grab number 21 from Newcastle Eldon Square Bus Station, the bus stops on Durham Road near the Angel of the North.


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