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Top Tech for Today’s Cars

Top Tech for Today's Cars

There’s no doubt that technology today has come to practically every object we use in our lives. Car makers in particular have felt the pressure to stay on top of the trends to satisfy consumers, and they’ve definitely taken their efforts to the next level. Find out what’s going with technology today both in terms of the good (fun) stuff, and in terms of the practical (safety) stuff.

Auto-Driving Cars

The fact that these cars are already here, if not used in the public mainstream just yet, is probably one of the coolest feats of technology today. Manufacturers who don’t have official autonomous cars on the market just yet have already implemented a lot of the technology into their cars today. Systems like blind-spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and automatic braking features all take the onus off the driver to be completely perfect when on the road. And while smaller car companies like Tesla may have their models currently on the market, manufacturers like Ford have the capabilities to scale their production line for mass production — putting them somewhat ahead of bringing affordable autonomous cars to the masses.

More Voice Controlled Features

This is in part a safety thing, but it’s also neat to be able to chat with your car in a productive way. They are also included in the top benefits of driving for the TLC. While these voice features are not where they need to be to be entirely perfect, they are getting better every day. For those who aren’t in a car that drives on its own just yet, using voice controlled features means that you can do practically whatever you want without having to fuss around with your phone using your hands. That doesn’t stop people completely from texting or trying to find the live version of the song they want to listen to and not the radio version, but it can be an immense help.

Electric Cars

Getting away from our dependence on oil, a reserve that can’t last forever anyway, is one of the best possible things that we can do for our future. While charging stations are scarce in a variety of places, that’s changing in states like California and Colorado. The more we can accommodate these cars without having to stop at the pump, the more we save our wallets from the brutal fill-up, and the more we become independent of fossil fuels that hurt our environment and make us subject to price changes and whims based on politics, greed and corruption.

MAX Motor Dreams

This one actually has nothing to do with the technology of a car that’s on the road, but we feel it’s worth mentioning. It’s a crib designed for a baby to simulate the constant, steady motion of driving. Since most infants don’t have a problem falling asleep in the car, it was only a matter of time before a car company aimed to bring the experience to them without making the parents drive at 2 in the morning. Ford’s cribs actually pick up on your particular car’s movement patterns and then simulate them in this highly-advanced crib.

Technology is just one subject matter in today’straffic school and defensive driving courses. The instructors are keeping up with what’s new and modern in your car, meaning you definitely will not get a lesson about how to keep your 8-track player from distracting you on the road. Consider taking a course to dismiss a traffic ticket or to potentially lower your insurance premiums.

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