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Top Features To Look Out For In Your Cell Phone Gimbal

Cell phone gimbals are still quite a new topic for most people, but following their break out in 2018, these gadgets have gotten better and better. If you are looking to purchase one, you will discover that so many models are in the market, and so it’s tough to choose one. This short guide will highlight some crucial features you should look out for when purchasing a cell phone gimbal.

Look Out For In Your Cell Phone Gimbal

2 vs. 3-axis stabilization

2-axis stabilization balances the Tilt & Roll axis, while the 3-axis also stabilizes the Pan axis in addition to the Tilt& Roll axis. The latter edges out in this regard as you get more smoothness when capturing moving objects. However, 2-axis gimbals are cheaper than 3-axis models but are now scarce because the 3-axis gimbals are simply better.

Build and durability

Gimbals are made of various materials like aluminum and plastics. ABS plastics will feel cheap, while nylon-reinforced plastics are excellent. Other manufacturers even make use of aircraft-grade aluminum, and these models are generally more durable. The culprit for most gimbals is the motor, and so you should always double-check the motor durability for the model you are about to buy. Once again, I’ll recommend the best cell phone gimbal I use; it is one of the most durable gimbals I’ve ever seen.


Does the cell phone gimbal you are buying support the accessories you have? Imagine getting a gimbal for your smartphone and then realizing you can’t use it for the phone. For starters, the right choice should be compatible with popular products like tripods and extension poles.

Reliability and battery life

If you go for the cheapest cell phone gimbal, you may be lucky to get one that fits your requirements as well as it does your budget. Gimbals have flooded the market, and most of them are mere cheap knockoffs.

Further, with almost all electronic gadgets and accessories, battery life is always a crucial factor. When comparing gimbals, look at their battery capacities. I use a ZHIYUN Smooth-Q2 gimbal, and I get up to 16 hours of regular use. This should be sufficient for most users.

Size and Weight

You carry your cell phone gimbal around for several reasons, but exercising your biceps is not one of them, at least not typically. Before picking a cell phone gimbal, make sure to check the weight of it. Also, not only should your ideal mobile gimbal not be too heavy for you, but the size should also be perfect. If you need a pocket-sized handheld smartphone gimbal, you can’t go wrong with the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q2.

Cell Phone Gimbal

Other Features

Gimbals have tons of features, and if there is a specific one you need on yours, be sure to research the model to see if it has the feature. If you are relatively new to gimbals, here are some key features you should look out for:

  • Multiple stabilization modes
  • In-built charging
  • 360 degrees pan, roll radius and tilt.
  • Landscape and portrait modes.
  • Direct camera control.
  • Object tracking.
  • For a quiet motor operation, 4kHz refresh rate.

My ZHIYUN handheld gimbal has all of these features and more. You can see it for yourself via their official website page.

Conclusion and recommendation

Although the list above is not everything, it is an excellent place to start. With these features in mind, you now have a clearer idea of what you should be looking for. If you need a cell phone gimbal that has all the features listed here and more, you might like the ZHIYUN Smooth-Q2 mobile gimbal.

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